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Waarom de stress van het zoeken van een taxi op het drukke Dulles International Airport wanneer u van tevoren een privéauto kunt boeken? Regel een aangename rit van Dulles International Airport (IAD) naar het centrum van Washington DC, Alexandria of Arlington.



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, mei 2018

Viator broker your ride out to Carmel limo or ING limo Who on pick up demand 24 for toll and airport fees.Had a call 24 hours pick up to tell me to get the cash ready with the voucher. I asked for a breakdown of the cost which they said again toll and airport fees. On arrival to DC I had to call them to let them know Ive arrived even though they had my information. Waited some time outside the airport, as soon as I got in the car he asked for the money! Then proceeded to drop us on a main road at the back of the hotel, we didnt have a clue where we were!
Return journey same, phone call telling me to get 24 ready I asked how much the toll was he said 4 I asked what the surplus was for he said it was gratuity! I said isnt gratuity discretionary he replied yeah but 20 is expected. So I a clarified that all should be charged is 4 and a gratuity that I choose to pay for good service. He said yes.
I get picked up, driver refuses to leave without his 24!! I told him that I spoke to the office who told me it was 4 he told me to ring the office. Spoke to a woman who was rude! And told me if I didnt like the rules then To get out of the car and find alternative transportataion! Seriously! After paying for the transport already! So once you pay for the transfer expect to pay 24 for toll and gratuity whether they give you a good service or not! I didnt have a receipt for the money given either. Will not sure again! Could get an Uber 66 cheaper.

, jan 2018

I prefer to know what I am paying upfront in quoted price, not get in the car and be told by driver that “the office” told him to collect an extra $20 - esp as I booked and paid for a limo but had a phone call later to say only an SUV was available. However the driver was good and pleasant and car good

, nov 2017

The transport itself was OK, but I was asked to pay additional money for airport parking and highway fees, which was not included in the original price. Why? How is this possible? The driver did not park the car on the airport, but was waiting in a running car and there were no paid highway to my D.C. hotel. I felt cheated by the car company and I strongly feel that Viator should chose their partners more carefully.

, sep 2017

Driver arrived soon after being contacted, good transfer to down town hotel.
Your quoted price does not take account of freeway tolls which were extra, and could have influence my choice of service.
Otherwise ok.

, jul 2017

This tour was amazing!

, mei 2017

Excelente servicio

, mrt 2017

Good clean car, rang when we picked up luggage and car arrived about 5 minutes later. Didn't appreciate the hidden charges though. When last website does say airport charges aren't included, it would be useful to have an idea how much they are - we had an extra 24 to pay each way, then the tip on top. I suspect in the end, it would have been cheaper just to get a taxi. Driver didn't speak at all during the journey. Be more upfront about hidden costs - this extra made a journey we thought was going to cost 60, increase to 80.

, jan 2017

Efficient easy and stress free.

, dec 2016

Avoid - Avoid - Avoid - a totally un-reliable service, I was left standing at the airport for 30 mins - my booking, which I reserved 4 weeks in advance was not there, when I called the company after arrival, they advised me in a very rude manner, that my booking was for the previous day. I advised that I had the voucher in my hand and it stated the date that I arrived. I quoted the reference as well - again I was told that it was my fault and that I booked the incorrect date. at this point was irate with the agent, who then threatened me that he was finishing the call as he was only doing his job in telling me the info he had. I eventually arranged a car - 30 mins later, and then was told that I had to pay the driver an additional 35 for tolls - when I stated this to the driver, he didn't know what I was talking about as there were NO TOLLS between the airport and my destination.
A total Rip off service - Avoid

I have reported this on previous occasions, but the response from Viator is - the agent had stated they are not responsible, therefore this company takes NO responsibility for bookings that they accept. - A rip Off - A total Scam - Avoid

, nov 2016

watch out for the 25 dollar airport charge?

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