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Time12 uur 30 minuten (ong.)
TransportOphalen bij hotel mogelijk
TicketMobiel ticket
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Op deze volledige dagtocht reist u van Rome naar Orvieto en Assisi en ontdekt u twee charmante stadjes in het schilderachtige Italiaanse landschap. Begin de dag in Orvieto om de prachtige gotische Dom van Orvieto te bekijken, gevolgd door een lunch bij het Lago Trasimeno. U verkent Assisi in Umbrië, de stad die op de werelderfgoedlijst van UNESCO staat, en ontdekt alles over de patroonheilige van de stad, St. Franciscus van Assisi. Vervolgens gaat u naar de Santa Maria degli Angeli en bewondert u de negende-eeuwse basiliek waar de heilige ooit bad.



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, jul 2016

Moet je gezien hebben al is het wel een eindje rijden.
Middagmaal was SLECHT en HEEL ONVRIENDELIJKE bediening.Blij dat ik daar buiten was.

, aug 2018

Due to a text limit This is half of what I wanted to post.

DON'T take this tour!

We had problems with:
Pre trip confirmation
Check in
Staff Attitudes
The bus
The driver
The tour guide and her limited English skills.
At Drop-off a 70 year old lady was dropped off in the dark 8 blocks from her hotel.

My wife and I are regular international travelers and this is or fourth time in Italy. I am a native English speaker and I am almost fluent in Italian. We have taken dozen tours like this. Every other review I have written was 5 stars. We wanted this to be fun and after every stumble we hoped things would get better They never did.

Pre trip
2 days before the trip I called to confirm the date, pick up time and pick up location. They confirmed the
Address and said, that is not a hotel and You have to travel to our office to get on the bus. Note: our confirmation listed the address and that we would be picked up.

Check in
We met the guide, showed our confirmation, she checked us off of the list and we got on the bus.second row passenger side - behind guides seat. At some point the guide disappeared and people started to ask us where the bus was going. We told them and they and joined us on the bus.

When the guide returned and found more people in the bus, she was not happy. She started asking people for their confirmations. She ended up having an argument with one group of people and then walking of the bus in a huff.

One couple learned that they are on the wrong bus. Again, the guide is visibly frustrated. She sends them to another bus. How can this happen? She had their documents and checked them in!

He did not say hello just played a card game on his phone.
Several times he left the turn signal on for several minutes. This could be a sign of poor hearing or a result of leaving one ear bud from his phone in his ear for the entire drive.
He would often drift out of his lane and on to the shoulder or another lane. Curves on local roads often seemed like a surprise and he would often use both lanes on a road.

Distracted by alerts from his phone. The alerts were very loud. He was on the phone for more than an hour. A couple of times he held the phone and drove with one hand!

Twice he drove through a red light. Once he was late in breaking and it required him to swerve into the oncoming lane to not hit a car stopped at a red light.

Several times the driver and guide appeared to argue about where we were going.

The bus was very loud, It rattled, it squeaked, and you could feel every bump. The overhead shelf had started to break lose at several anchor points. I was waiting for it to fall and crush my skull. The bus lacked the power to keep up with traffic when going up hill.
The seats are not for tall people. By the end the day I had serious back pain.
13 hour trip. 1 hour Orvieto, 1 hour lunch and 2 hours Assisi. A total of 9 hours on bus.
Lunch - Very tasty food.
Guide - It was 10 minutes before she talked to us she was on her phone. Her English skills were not sufficient for the job. She struggled for words or said the wrong things. She would also add random Italian words into her English sentences. This would be bad in a quite room but, when you add all of the loud bus noised We could not understand. We sat directly behind her. It was louder in the back.
It was also very clear that she possessed no awareness of her English deficiencies. She would drone on in a monotone voice for long periods of time. Most people fell asleep they were the lucky ones. People asked her questions in English, her answers showed that she did not understand. My wife once asked what she was talking about and the guide said, I already explain..ed that in English. She sat in the front seat looking forward and did not connect or interact with most of the bus. We were often left confused.
She also spent almost 2 hours on her phone.

Cities. Orvieto - pay an additional 4 Euros to see Duomo.
Assisi a lot of walking. The pace was too fast for a couple of the older walkers. They never got a chance to rest. The local guide in Assisi was much more clear but, if you fell behind, you were on your own.
Drop off. They dont have small vehicles to take you back to your hotel. So, the guide mentioned that they would drop you off close. Everyone thought that they would be taken back to their own hotel. My wife talked to the guide and asked her to go over the plan again. However, we did not get any more drop off the instructions because the guide was making personal calls for the last hour of the drive.
First stop was for a 70 year old woman with a cane. 8:30pm at night on a random dark street. The lady was fatigued, could barely walk and did not know where we were. We got off the bus early and we helped her travel 8 blocks to her hotel. I fear what would have happened if we did not go with her.
So, do not take this trip, dont use this company!

, aug 2018

This is a trip I would not recommend as the tour operator used placed our lives at risk. The bus driver was falling asleep on himself within half hour of the trip and when a fellow tour member raised it to the guide he did not even respond. On our return journey the bus was overheating and the driver was forced to pull aside on the highway. The lunch was almost inedible - awful!! As stated in the tour description the restaurant was lakeside - the lake was 1.5 km away and not even visible from the restaurant. Orvieto and Assisi are stunning places - don't spoil your experience by using this tour! Entry to the cathedral at Orvieto is not included as well as museum even though its stated in the description - if you want you pay for these separately. It was my daughters 15th birthday - I regret ever putting her through this.

, aug 2018

Loved the sights, live the guide, love the driver, love the whole experience. Would recommend to everyone.

, jul 2018

The place was lovely, but the bus was dirty, the driver was a very uncomfortable person and the guide was a very difficult woman to deal with. they had a fight. the bus buddies felt as if they had been on a school bus.

, jul 2018

We did not spend so much time in Assisi. I would have preferred to have had lunch in Assisi and not spend the time en route for our lunch.

, jul 2018

My wife and I went to Italy on our honeymoon. We were excited for this day trip. We had 50 minutes in Orvieto, which did not seem like enough time to really make it a stop, afterwards, we travelled through Umbria to Assisi and stopped for lunch along the way. The lunch was good, but not good enough that I wouldn't have rather have spent more time and eaten in Orvieto and driven straight to Assisi. The Assisi guide was excellent, very informative and did a good job of pointing out important sites while giving history about Sts. Claire and Francis. The tour was run through Green Line Tours and rather than take us directly back, they attempted to drop off several people at or near their hotels. Driving a tour bus through the crowded streets of Rome was not a good idea. Not only did it take longer for those of us who were not being dropped off to end our trip and find a place for dinner, but the constant braking, accelerating, and tight turns in the tour bus left me with a very nauseous wife. In the future, I would recommend dropping everyone else off at your headquarters and then dropping those few people at their hotels.

, apr 2018

Comfortable bus ride. Guide provided a lot of information of sites, great personality!

, mrt 2018

Good day out and although the meal was very good it meant that we spent less time in Orvieto and Assisi. A quicker lunch break would have been a better idea

, feb 2018

Una hermosa excursión, a pesar del frío, es impagable visitar una ciudad medieval como Orvieto. Asís, con la carga emotiva que conlleva visitar la ciudad de San Francisco... A pesar de que el almuerzo fue muy rico y abundante, con una excelente atención, entiendo que se pierde demasiado tiempo que podría utilizarse para recorrer con mayor soltura ambas ciudades, y que cada uno coma a su tiempo y donde quiera. Por lo demás, excelente.

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