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Boek een tour naar de machtige Hoover Dam, waarbij u de binnenkant van de dam verkent, door een tunnel van 75 m loopt en de 195 m lange Nevada-vleugel van de elektriciteitscentrale bekijkt. Bovendien geniet u van een 90 minuten durende cruise op Lake Meade, inclusief lunch, aan boord van een boot met schoepenrad.



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, dec 2014

leuke trip erg interessant allen het eten aan boord viel tegen is gewoon een lunchpakket met een blikje drinken.

, aug 2018

We had a great time the tour guide was very knowledgeable and funny he made the trip fun, the cruise was very relaxing with beautiful scenery.

, jul 2018

Had a great time. Hover Dam was very interesting. Really liked the bridge walk over the dam. Sorry it was so windy so we couldn’t do the boat ride on lake Meade.

, jul 2018

We booked this trip thru Grayline and from start to end, we had an amazing time.Our driver Mark was very, very knowledgeable about the entire area. Bus terminal was very organized and professional. The tour at Hoover Dam itself was wonderful. I highly recommend the tour with Grayline.

, jun 2018

It was a really bad trip. Paid all this money, did not get to see the inside of the Hoover Dam, as was told. The
deli lunch on the boat was so bad, I had to buy my own meal. Bad, bad, bad all the way around. IT was a hurry up and wait to see what you could not see. What a joke! 99 per person 11 all total: rode the bus, made several stops. Got to Dam, looked around the visitor center, went to the bathroom, drank water, seen a short clip of the Dam, stood on the bridge then got back on bus to drive back to room. Horrible time especially for the grandkids. I could have rented a Van, drove to the Dam, walked around then drove to Lake Mead Marina, bought the tickets and saved over 400. Very disappointing trip all the way around.

, mei 2018

Amazing Tour!

, apr 2018

My wife and I took this trip on 4/4/18. We were picked up at our hotel Golden Nugget about 20 minutes late, which was no big deal. We were then transported to Gray Lines hub from which all their Las Vegas tours originate after making several stops along the way for other guests. We heard other guests complain that they had been waiting for an hour. At the hub, we got on the bus for our tour and first stopped at the welcome to Las Vegas sign for a photo op and then went to Hoover Dam. It was extremely busy at the Dam that day and we only had 2 hours which was not enough as it took almost 1 hour to wait in lines to get through security and watch the movie, which apparently you have to see before going on the tour. We were disappointed with the Hoover Dam experience due to the lack of time we had to visit the dam. Gray line should have allowed for at least an additional hour to tour the Dam and could have done so by leaving the hub at 9:30am instead of 10:30am. We were then late getting to the Lake Mead Cruise but our driver called ahead and they waited for us. We enjoyed the Lake Mead Cruise and light lunch. Afterwards we stopped at a small chocolate factory and cactus garden. The chocolate factory was ok but we enjoyed the cactus garden more. If you want to have sufficient time to experience the Dam, I would not choose this tour. You are probably better off going on your own.

, apr 2018

We were really looking forward to this trip but ended up quite disappointed. I rang Gray line to confirm our booking the day before and the lady on the phone was very friendly helpful and efficient. The coach arrived bang on time the following morning, clean and smart with a friendly humorous driver. We were then taken to their depot where we were given a briefing on our tour and directed to the coach for our tour. This was whe the tour took a downward turn. Firstly we were taken to the chocolate factory where we stopped for 30 minutes to see the production line through a glass screen and have the opportunity to visit their cactus garden. Neither were particularly interesting and used up time that could have been later on. After this we proceeded to Lake Mead for the cruise and the chance to view the dam from the lake. On arrival we were shepherded into a shop come cafe area which was packed with around 300 people and left to wait for 30 minutes in stifling heat. When we were let onto the boat there was insufficient seating for all the passengers. A pic nic lunch of ham or turkey club sandwich with a bag of crisps cold drink and a piece of fruit was included and this was excellent. However it was very difficult to eat when your standing on deck with the wind trying to blow the whole lot overboard. As advertised, we were meant to cruise onto the lake and up to the dam for pictures from the lake. All we did though was cruise across the lake and back with no sight of the dam. It appears that it was too windy to approach the dam but we were not informed this on the boat or given any apology for this omission. After being collected from the lake we were taken to the dam. On arrival we were given our tickets for the tour of the dam and told we had 1hour and 50 minutes. We joined the queue for the tour which was 30 minutes or so before the tour actually started. The tour itself was around 30 or so minutes so by the time we came out we had very little time to view the outside area and walk over the dam and take pictures. We got back on the bus at 3:50 and made our way back. The driver of the coach was very knowledgeable about the dam and other areas of the tour but he did not stop talking for the whole journey and we were being given the same information on the coach, boat, damand it really became quite tiring. Summing up, I think the tour could do without the chocolate factory, the stop at the Welcome to Vegas sign, which I forgot to mention, the lake tour if your not going to see the dam and use this time to visit the dam itself. Better still, hire a car and take yourself there, if there's two or more of you there is very little difference in cost.

, apr 2018

I would really consider putting an age limit that no kids under 8 should be allowed on the trip. Little kids are loud on the bus and what are they really going to get out of the tour? Our bus driver Jerry was great! The tour at Hoover Dam was awesome.
Also, I would consider dropping the Chocolate Factory at the end of the tour. After a long day it seems unnecessary and a waste of 45 minutes.

, mrt 2018

We found this tour very informative, interesting and beautiful! Our bus driver was excellent! Enjoyed both the dam and Lake Mead Cruise!

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