• Locatie: Washington D.C., District of Columbia
  • Duur: Varies
Van USD 16,66

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Beoordeling door: pam76 , juli 2016

Excellent service!

Beoordeling door: MIchael B , juni 2016

The car arrived only a minute or so after we called, and the driver had our name on a sign. Quick, safe trip to our hotel, even in rush- hour traffic. Our driver was excellent - very knowledgeable and extremely professional. We would highly recommend this service!

Beoordeling door: Dennis W , november 2015

Well done.

Beoordeling door: Janice T , juli 2013

The driver was so pleasant and efficient. He arrived promptly and was able to share a lot of information on our ride in.

Beoordeling door: vargas , juli 2013

Great. On time with a great driver with an excellent attitude an willing to help.

Beoordeling door: Thomas S , juni 2013

Efficient and comfortable transfer from Reagan to my hotel.

Beoordeling door: Thomas S , juni 2013

Good ride.

Beoordeling door: Karen M , februari 2013

We called in on arrival and the driver arrived within minutes. The car was clean and comfortable, the driver was courteous and professional, and the ride was smooth and comfortable.

Beoordeling door: Peter S , Australia, oktober 2012

All went to plan with the providor being very responsive to our needs

Beoordeling door: Bob M , Canada, juli 2012

The service was great. I would recommend it.

Beoordeling door: Susan D , oktober 2016

car was very clean, drivers polite, driver for return trip to airport was approximately 20 minutes late on arrival, traffic issues.

Beoordeling door: Noemí Elsa P , oktober 2015

Realizado sin inconvenientes.

Beoordeling door: verna s , december 2013

yes all good but I have used Viator a few times now and I think you need better instructions re pick up or signs on the cars. Drivers always very nice.

Beoordeling door: Eleanor B , juli 2012

I enjoyed being picked-up by sedan and directly driven to the airport/hotel without the hassle of sharing a shuttle with many other people in a crowded uncomfortable van environment.. Both drivers in each direction were very personable and very accommodating. What I didn't understand nor enjoy was providing the same information given on the internet of name, pick-up date, time, location, number of people in the party, and calling a number that was not even in the Washington, DC area. It always seemed like the people on the phone didn't know my paid confirmation existed and at one point even asked for my my VISA credit card number again for my prepaid reservation. If you asked for the information on the internet then why wouldn't all this be accessible via a confirmation number in a database for easy access. Instead, all of this information had to be asked twice. Once upon arrival and then the return. It's very time consuming and a bit frustrating knowing that everything had to be repeated a total of three times. Internet, and each leg of the pick-up at the airport and then pick-up at the hotel. I would give a five star rating if this solution is remedied in the future.

Beoordeling door: Souleymane F , oktober 2016

If you are picked from an airport, Viator will request a 14 fee that was not announced up front. Moreover, you will have to pay it cash! Looks like a rip-off! The cars are fine, good looking, but the ripp-off mars everything!

Beoordeling door: Carole.burles , oktober 2016

Not sure what happened here as Car Company said my booking was for the next day, when my paperwork clearly had the correct day of Monday 3rd October! However, they managed to sort and sent a car straight away

Beoordeling door: Sandra S , juni 2016

The drive to my hotel was safe and efficient.

Beoordeling door: Wanda P , september 2014

Driver was on time and ride to hotel was comfortable. Driver held us hostage in the sense that we had to pay the gratuity before we would be transported even though we had paid for this service.I feel that a gratuity is earned for service, not expected before that service is provided.

Beoordeling door: EDUARDO R , januari 2017

houve um pouco de estresse , pois não havia ninguém da empresa no aeroporto, tivemos que pedir ajuda para área de iformações do aeroporto, que ligou para empresa , então apareceram, o percurso foi OK

Beoordeling door: Julie G , september 2012

Can't review this transfer as the car did not turn up. Turns out it was my error in that I confirmed thr booking the week before I left with Viator and not the Car Company. I have asked for a refund but have not had a reply yet. Was my first attempt to book an airport pick up. Wish the girl at Viator had asked if I had also confirmed with car company. But I'm not blaming her.

Beoordeling door: Queen of the South , USA, augustus 2012

The Driver was cold and impersonal. I will not use this service again

Beoordeling door: Queen of the South , USA, augustus 2012

The Driver was not friendly and very culturally insensitive

Beoordeling door: Julie R , maart 2016

Plane was 1/2 hour late and baggage carousel kept breaking down. Driver was on the phone lecturing me about extra charges if we were more than 45 minutes it was my fault!

Beoordeling door: Gillian D , oktober 2014

Extremely disappointing we booked a car and rang three different numbers we were told to and the last operator put down the receiver abpnd did not help us. We looked fi por the car where they are supposed to be in case one of the messages had been processed.
After wasting half an hour at 11pm at night after. 24 hour flight we caught a taxi. No stars.

Beoordeling door: Karen M , oktober 2013

I was a bit disappointed in this booking..When I first called I was given a price of $24.95..when I called to book, the price quoted was $50. When I called to confirm the day before arrival, I was told there was a $10 gratuity; when I called to say I was at the airport, I was told that there was an additional $10 fee for "late arrival" (9:30 p.m. isn't exactly the middle of the night). It was disappointing that something that started out fairly reasonable ended up being pretty expensive. In addition, the driver didn't even try to help me get my luggage down some stairs to the entrance of the boutique hotel where I was staying; he just put the suitcases (2) on the street sidewalk and left me to fend on my own. I would normally expect to give a gratuity for good service; this all felt a bit like extortion and not very good service at all.