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Beoordeling door: Diana R , februari 2016

Enjoyed by all 8 of us.

Beoordeling door: grandma2 , februari 2016

Beautiful scenery and views. Great stop at the kiwi farm. Our guide, Colin, wS very informative.

Beoordeling door: Anne F , april 2016

Very pretty place, loved it, guide very good.

Beoordeling door: VERICA J , februari 2016

Whilst the weather wasn't all that wonderful, our tour guide showed the beauty of Tauranga. We visited the Kiwi Fruit Orchard, the Cargo Shed where you could pick up some wonderful locally made souvenirs, and we ate real fruit ice-cream. Very memorable. Well worth the money.

Beoordeling door: Mary K , februari 2016

Too much wasted in uninteresting places lie the Kiwi Plantation a whole of 35 min doing nothing but buy an icecream, and the Art and Craft stop was also of not much interest as every thing was too expensive for the offerings. And that was another 30 min. wasted.
I would have been happier if we stopped at the Mission House as I think this was more historical than the other places

Beoordeling door: Alexander H , februari 2016

A long and expensive trip to get an icecream...

Beoordeling door: Carol B , januari 2016

Unfortunately thumbs down to this tour. Air conditioning didn't work in the bus, no windows to open, very hot and stuffy, coupled with a very distressed child, made this tour unpleasant. We stopped at a kiwi orchard, indulged in a local icecream/yoghurt only to find kiwi fruit wasn't on the menu to be added to our icecream/yoghurt, only frozen fruit, even though the vines were full of kiwi fruit. Another stop along the way was closed by the time we arrived which seemed a waste of a stop except for a breath of fresh air, at that point we just wanted to get to the end.