• Locatie: San Diego, Californië
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Beoordeling door: Faye H , september 2014

As always it is a pleasure to book through Viator. Legoland was great for the small children that were in our group and it was not a fast paced park, so the adults were able to relax as well. The Hotel resort is great, the themed rooms, buffett meals, entertainment for the children and an added bonus, the entertainment in the lift! We went for a joy ride many times just for the fun experience.

Beoordeling door: Patricia H , januari 2014

We really enjoyed our day at LEGOLAND. HOWEVER the initial tour we booked (LEGOLAND including transport from San Diego) was cancelled at short notice due to insufficient numbers. We did then however rebook just entry tickets and made out own way there. The Viator staff were very helpful is changing tickets and refunding money. NOTE: Actually getting to LEGOLAND from San Diego is a mission from San Diego via public transport so start early to make the most of the day. There is no direct transport from Carlsbad Poinsettia to LEGOLAND and this is highly disappointing. LEGOLAND and MTS should get their act together.

Beoordeling door: joe d , januari 2014

very nice

Beoordeling door: triotravellers , oktober 2012

If you have children who love LEGO, you MUST visit LEGOLAND. My husb and i took our 10yr old son and we visited twice. You cannot see all this park in one day as it is huge. We did the Lego park on the first day and then the Aquarium and the Waterpark on the second. The Aquarium is easily done in a couple of hours but the waterpark is also huge and once you're children are inside, they won't want to come out. Loved everything about this park. It is a long drive out of Anaheim but well worth it.

Beoordeling door: Skootre , USA, december 2011

If you're between the ages of 4 and 8, this place is heaven. The rides are - mostly - tame and targeted at kids, and there's plenty of Lego building blocks and models to keep you entertained.

We didn't have time to go to the aquarium or water park, but they look cool, especially if the weather was hot.

We saw some people in Legoland itself without kids, which was a head-scratcher. There's not much for adults here, it's really all about the kids.

It's also heavy on the marketing tie-ins. I dare you to leave Legoland without buying at least one Lego kit. It's impossible. Luckily your kids will have plenty to chose from and will be very happy that Legoland has a great collection of cool and hard-to-find Lego kits.

Beoordeling door: JennyC , United States of America, juni 2011

There is so much to see and do here with the three parks - the Water Park, SeaLife Aquarium and Legoland. This was my first visit and the kids had a blast, as did the older people in the group!!

Beoordeling door: Dianne B , januari 2017

I really enjoyed every minute. This park is mostly for the younger children but does have a few attractions for the older ones. The best part for the adults besides watching the children have fun was the food. We ate at multiple different places inside the park and did not have a bad meal. We found a wide variety of ethnic foods, fair/carnival type foods and snacks all delish. My only negative comment is to watch the prices you are charged as we had a couple of problems with being charged different prices from one end of the park to the other finding out later that ALL lego sets are priced the same. We did make management aware but you should be aware too.

Beoordeling door: Rosemary F , oktober 2016

Great time just hanging out as a family. Mom, Daughter, Son, Granddaughter and Mother in Law. A fun time was had by all. A little on the hot side but the restaurants were great at giving us cups of water and not having us drink out of water fountains.

Beoordeling door: Debra E , Australia, februari 2010

Our kids really enjoyed the day. I think it's more suitable for younger children, but our kids 9 & 11 had a great time, especially our son.

Beoordeling door: Alma G , USA, augustus 2008

We had a great time at Legoland. The only thing that I would do differently is go when it is not as crowded. The only disappointment was that purchasing online didn't allow you to skip the long lines. I also wasn't aware that there were different places where the kids could get wet, but fortunately towels and shorts were sold there.

Beoordeling door: Natalie B , Canada, augustus 2008

Definitely worth seeing. Geared more toward children. Amazing how many things can be made out of Lego. Worth going just for MiniLand USA.

Beoordeling door: Caroline C , juni 2013

Great park amazing lego cities. I pressed for time though would probably forgo for the bigger parks Universal, SeaWorld, Disneyland but great for lego lovers.

Beoordeling door: elias c , september 2016

we bought the combo for the Legoland and the water park and it was closed!!! we were never advised that it was closed