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Beoordeling door: Hwee Yee T , januari 2017

we had the most amazing christmas day in Ramsau! The village was beautiful, our horseman was the sweetest and most warm-hearted, constantly sharing information of the village to us, telling us stories and chatting with us. And, snow fell at the most magical moment on Christmas day! It was truly an amazing way to spend our day, seeing landscapes and mother nature in person.

Beoordeling door: Patrick H , maart 2015

We did the trip on St. Stephens Day. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There wasn't the snow that we thought we were going to have but that had nothing to do with organiser. The weather is the weather. We had an enjoyable dayand would go on sleigh ride again. Very well organised.

Beoordeling door: Patrick H , februari 2015

Great day out!!
Tour guide was excellent.
Would highly recommend.

Beoordeling door: Kym E , januari 2015

Wonderful experience and fabulous scenery all covered in snow. Surreal, felt a bit like a character in a snow dome.

Beoordeling door: Nicola W , januari 2014

Fantastic day, my friend and I loved it, friendly staff, beautiful setting, totally recommend it, was a dream come true!

Beoordeling door: siobhan R , januari 2014

Went on Dec 28th. We were worried bec the weather had been so unseasonably warm in Salzburg that we wouldn't see snow and we would wind up on a carriage ride....but NOT the case. They take you by bus (about 1 hour) to Town of there's lots of snow. The journey along the way is spectacular.

My family of 3 joined another family of 4 on the carriage. (The tour person effectively organizes this for everyone to be with whomever they want to share sleigh with so don't worry). The two kids in the group sat up front with the driver and totally loved the experience. (The front group gets snow kicked up from hoofs of horses sometimes). For about 1 hr 1/2 you journey thru town taking loads of photos breathing in cold fresh air and laughing "all the way". You will see lots of locals and vacationers cross country skiing. You will also see lots of people sledding and riding horses. It's just magical. All the time you are comfortably covered up with the supplied blankets from the carriage. Do not forget: hat, gloves, scarf and camera.

Midway is the stop for a little warm up inside if you choose. Kids played in snow - making snowballs
. Snow angels and running around in general. Adults had coffees and delicious AMAZING strudel from the cabin house outside under heat lamps taking in the scenery. Stop here for 1 hour.

Alas the horses get ready again and your off for the second part of the journey.

The last stop in the returned village is where you can eat a meal (on your own). You are there about 2 hours. We enjoyed meal and then went outside with one of the sleds the hotel has to offer. Great fun...surrounded by skiers,snowboarders and other sliders.

Walk around the town and watch the ski jump contest if there is one taking place!

Retuned back to hotel about 6:30 at night. This was the very best exhilarating and most fun day the family had.

Highly recommend it do not miss this opportunity.

Beoordeling door: Ned , januari 2014

Loved the whole day! We enjoyed seeing some of the ski villages on the way, and the sleigh ride was really authentic and fun. We'd thoroughly recommend this activity.

Beoordeling door: Ching Man L , januari 2014

A very fantastic trip with my daughter on the sleigh ride. All the way up to the snowny plateau area, the scenery is so beautiful. During my coffee break, my daughter had her happy time in a very small playground near the restaurant.

Beoordeling door: Anand B , januari 2014

We had a wonderful time during this tour. The tour was organized so well and the guide we had was very friendly, knowledgeable. Our children also enjoyed it very much. The pick up was on time as well. A must do for any visitor to Salzburg! Thank you Panorama tours!

Beoordeling door: Gary B , februari 2013

Our family of 5 had a great day. The sleigh ride was fantastic(2 hours in all) and even though there was no snow in Salzburg, in the mountains it snowed lightly for most of the day. Magical! Could not think of a better family experience around Christmas. The stop in a ski village for lunch was good

Beoordeling door: Sandeep S , januari 2013

Excellent. A must for whoever visits Salzburg during christmas. It snowed when we visited and it was an extraordinary scenery through out. Majority of the trip is in the bus and the journey is divided well with travel and some rest and you will not feel tired or bored even for a second.

Beoordeling door: shirley b , januari 2013

The trip from start to finish was amazing,lovely scenery and very plesant and frendly people trrough the whole day.i will be returning to salzburge and do the same trip it was great and i recomend it to others.

Beoordeling door: Patricia , januari 2013

Wish I could rate 100 stars for this sleigh ride, because riding through the mountains is not only picturesque, it's like something out of a fairy tale. I did this on Christmas Day 2012, and it made my Christmas. We passed farms, private homes, churches, cross country skiers, ski lifts and jumps, etc., and even though I've been to Austria many times, I couldn't take pictures fast enough. This experience trumps walking on sidewalks in towns or riding in a tour bus, that's for sure. En route from Salzburg to Ramsau, you'll stop for 30 minutes at a rest stop. The Australians made good use of their time by throwing snowballs, because many of them had never seen snow before. You'll stop once during the lengthy sleigh ride so that the horses can rest, and you'll finally stop for a meal (at your own expense) that's excellent. I chose veal (weiner) schnitzel with boiled potatoes plus hot cheese strudel for dessert, and the food was incredibly good. It's interesting watching the driver of the sleigh. When we approached terrain that only had a shallow covering of snow, he'd have to reach down and quickly manipulate the wooden gears to lower the wheels. As soon as we got to ground that had several feet of snow, he'd have to repeat the action to put the wheels up and lower the blades. HIGHLY recommended!!!

Beoordeling door: Terry , januari 2013

We had an amazing day, and perfect for Christmas. Everything was perfect and the photos on this web site don't lie. It was beautiful. We had a beautiful white Christmas and the whole family enjoyed, including my two teenage sons.

Beoordeling door: Margaret Y , Malaysia, januari 2013

Was fantastic. My family enjoyed it very much. Good snow and beautiful scenery.

Beoordeling door: juliecorda , januari 2013

Going on a sleigh ride has been on my bucket list for a very long time. New Year's Eve in Salzburg was the perfect opportunity. The tour was very well organized, and it turned out to be a perfect day. It would be nice if the company helped in getting a photo of each group on the tour as a momento.

Beoordeling door: Jan B , januari 2013

Excellent trip, a definite must if you're visiting at the right time of year. We were fortunate to have deep, fresh snow combined with blue sky and sunshine - truly Winter Wonderland stuff. Even with the sun, it's cold, so make sure you wear warm clothes, including thermals if possible.

Beoordeling door: Helen J , januari 2013

Our group of six from Australia all agree that this tour has been the highlight of our holiday so far. It exceeded our expectations in every way. Don't miss this tour it is a must do. WE LOVED IT.

Beoordeling door: barbmartinovich , januari 2013

My family and I absolutely loved this ride, it was one of the most memorable travel experiences ever. It actually snowed for about an hour whilst we were on the sleigh which made the trip even more fun. We stopped for a hot chocolate and apple strudel with ice cream half way through the journey.

Beoordeling door: Daniel L , januari 2013

What a great way to spend Christmas Day. Warm blankets welcomed us on a very comfortable sleigh. The scenery was unparalled. Excellent trip.

Beoordeling door: Vicki , Australia, januari 2012

The Christmas Sleigh ride from Salzburg was a fantastic day. Organisation was terrific and it snowed while we were there which was a real bonus. Would recommend this to anyone staying in Salzburg at Christmas. A bit of advice. Take plenty of warm face protection during the sleigh ride as your face will get very cold if is is snowing during the ride as it was for our experience.

Beoordeling door: Elizabeth M , januari 2012

Absolutely awesome one of the main highlights of my time in Austria.

Beoordeling door: Michael T , januari 2012

It was fantastic, we didn't end up going to a glacier, but the ride was wonderful.

Beoordeling door: Ross L , januari 2012

Wonderful experience driver exceptionally friendly and informative, horse Bella was beautiful

Beoordeling door: Karen n Glenn , United Kingdom, januari 2012

A truely magical Christmas treat. With plenty of snowfall, days before our arrival, the surrounding scenery was beautiful. The view from the coach window was stunning. For the first leg of our sleigh ride we were bathed in glorious sunshine so be prepared with a pair of sunglasses. After a quick warming refreshment stop (snowball fight for the children) we headed out for the second half of the round trip, this time through thick snowflakes. Make sure to wear plenty of layers and cover yourself well. The sleigh ride itself was exhilarating at times but smooth overall (my wife, pregnant at the time, will vouch for that). The sleigh itself is fitted with retractable wheels with which the friendly and skillfull driver can engage whenever the surface gets a little uneven. The restaurant our tour guide adviced us to try was perfectly fine and reasonably priced. We thoroughly enjoyed this experience and would recomend it to all. The sound of those sleigh bells will stay with me forever.