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Beoordeling door: barb , oktober 2016

Guide was well informed and explained all of the highlights of the tour. Well worth the price!

Beoordeling door: Armen V , september 2016

Was great

Beoordeling door: Roy W , september 2016

great tour, fantastic guide, learned a lot and the Palace is beyond anyone's imagination.

Beoordeling door: thelmawillett , augustus 2016

The Palace of Versailles is a must see for everyone visiting Paris. It is a stunning place with a rich history. Our tour guide shared details that you don't learn in textbooks. We left the place with more knowledge that we will keep forever.

Beoordeling door: Angela M , augustus 2016

Beautiful bus ride on a clean modern double decker bus. Enjoyed the information from our tour guide. Also enjoyed the freedom to revisit or continue to explore any areas during our informal times. Very punctual. Would have loved to have had a bottle of water included on the bus ride for both travelling to and from destination.

Beoordeling door: Perry T , augustus 2016

Comfortable motor coach departs from central Paris behind Louvre, for a relatively short trip. Getting into, or out of Paris can take some time traffic. I went to three chateaus south of Paris which were unique, but Versailles was the most opulent, with the best grounds. Of course there is a lot more people to contend with, which detracts a little. The tour is on a tight schedule entering at a specific time. Tour guide was obviously knowledgeable. There was sufficient time for photos inside, and about an hour and a half outside before entering.

Beoordeling door: FRANCIS L , augustus 2016

bien aunque mucha gente en agosto

Beoordeling door: Kerra S , juli 2016

This tour was amazing!

Beoordeling door: Alejandro C , juni 2016

Impresionante lugar. El guia muy atento y calmo para explicar y recorrer todo. Hay que ir!!

Beoordeling door: Carol R , juni 2016

This tour was amazing!

Beoordeling door: Ian J , juni 2016

We were very happy with the tour and the guide was excellent. Would perhaps have liked to have had a little longer to explore the gardens but overall we were happy.

Beoordeling door: Karen H , juni 2016

Thousands of people at this facility. Tour guide did a good job. Beautiful gardens.

Beoordeling door: Carol G F , juni 2016

Comfortable shoes are a must on this tour. I think we walked 8 miles on this tour. Beautiful gardens and museum. Again the Do not Wait in Line tickets were wonderful. Thousands of people were in line to purchase tickets.

Beoordeling door: sergio a s , mei 2016

Bit expensive but great tour! You really use in a smart way your time.

Beoordeling door: Trisha B , United States of America, mei 2016

The shear size of this venue is overwhelming. I can't imagine trying to navigate it on my own. Our guide was great! it was well paced so plenty of time for photos and a bit of looking around on your own time as well.

Beoordeling door: NATALIA J , april 2016

Muy bien explicada y organizada. Repetiría otro tour con Viator

Beoordeling door: Thomas B , maart 2016

Awesome tour guide! Great way to see Versailles and skip the lines.

Beoordeling door: Beatriz Cata A , januari 2016

Excelente la visita. Guia muy buena. Suficiente el tiempo empleado. No hace falta más.

Beoordeling door: Margaret J. B , december 2015

Would definitely recommend a trip to a beautiful palace. The craftsmanship and expanse of the palace are something to be seen!

Beoordeling door: Carlos A S , Argentina, november 2015

Fue una visita muy agradable, creo que el mérito mayor se debe a que Francisca, nuestra guía, ha demostrado un conocimiento de la historia francesa que resultó un valor agregado inesperado.

Beoordeling door: Denise A D , september 2015

A half day tour wasn't enough to see the gardens

Beoordeling door: lleesmith819 , september 2015

Great guide. She provided a great deal of history.

Beoordeling door: Fred , augustus 2015

To not see Versailles on a trip to Paris would not be forgivable. The tour guide was very forthcoming with interesting bits of history which made this tour stand out in our memories. Touring here requires more time that was allocated, so that was a little disappointing. Never the less a very good tour.

Beoordeling door: MARIA DEL PILAR O , augustus 2015

Falto un poco de mas tiempo para ver todo

Beoordeling door: Chris H. , United States of America, augustus 2015

Great tour with fantastic guide and timing. I loved seeing the fountains, especially when Versailles started playing music. A special, enjoyable afternoon.