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Beoordeling door: Ross T , september 2016

This wad a fun trip with good sights along the way.

Beoordeling door: Sanjay C , oktober 2016

The tour was very scenic and met our expectation. The tour guide was basically a recorded message but very informative. I would recommend this excursion to everyone.

Beoordeling door: Matthew S , september 2016

Relaxing narrated tour of the fjords. Not too exciting

Beoordeling door: Kenneth W , september 2016

Last time we were here it poured and was icy cold. We took a boat tour then huddled beneath plastic sheeting, hardly seeing a thing. Today we took the same sort of trip with much better results. The morning clouds gradually gave way to sunshine, but I was glad that I brought a hat, mittens, and parka. We couldnt tell the permanent homes from the summer homes, but were left with the impression that every Oslo family must own a boat. Were not sure when it was summer here, but it certainly is over now. We cant imagine going swimming here. Many of the newer homes conformed to a paint color code - the same shades of yellow, red, green and blue are interspersed to a cheery effect. Older homes are white, the color that was fashionable at the time they were built. One house with Greek columns out front and a mansion-y look stuck out like a sore thumb. Its owner had visited Italy and loved the villa look so much he bought one of his own here. While some homes were larger than others, most had a conservative, functional look. The Norwegians are not an ostentatious people.
The excursion was a short walk from the berth where our cruise ship was docked. It was easy to exchange the Viator voucher for a ticket, but this time of year, we could have just walked on.

Beoordeling door: aem1 , september 2016


Beoordeling door: bschex , juli 2016

Timely, friendly and relaxing cruise.

Beoordeling door: Paul M , juni 2016

Tour was excellent . The cruise left on time and arrived back on time as well. The ship was a beautiful old schooner and added charm to the delightful scenery .The recorded guide was informative and knowledgeable , pointing out both highlights and some obscure point of interest. Scenery was beautiful and ride comfortable although a bi chilly on this day . Blankets were provided mercifully and all I all I would recommend this couple of hours in this grand city

Beoordeling door: Alfred S , juni 2015

The boat was impressive and crew members helpful. The tour was a recording and we were told the person that usually does the tour was unavailable. They mentioned that he would have given more details. Even so, we really enjoyed it.

Beoordeling door: Jean C , mei 2015

Very good guise on the boat trip

Beoordeling door: DeAnna P , september 2014

very nice ship and beautiful scenery.

Beoordeling door: Mary P , juli 2013

Was easy to exchange for a tour ticket at the docks from online reservation printed out at home before I left.
Tour was beautiful but is a tour of the bay not spectacular fjords.It was a pleasant few hours . Making the reservation with Viator was very easy.

Beoordeling door: Lisa J , juni 2013

We got to see some different areas of Oslo and experience how the fjords are connected as well as affected by the environment. It was cold enough that one section of the fjord was frozen over so a different path was taken to continue the cruise. The cruise line was great and very accommodating!

Beoordeling door: Douglas C , september 2012

Booking on-line ahead of time is very convenient. The masted ship was lovely and very comfortable. Stories and explanations were fun and informative.

Beoordeling door: Karen A. S , mei 2016

This tour was a little disappointing. First of all it was very cold and there were not enough blankets to accommodate everyone. Also it was more like a harbor cruise and I was expecting more of a fiord cruise into small passages.

Beoordeling door: Colleen M , augustus 2015

If you are interested in seeing the fjords, it's a fine boat ride. Informative but not engaging and a little long.

Beoordeling door: Shal2 , United Kingdom, oktober 2012

I was really expecting great things from this tour as every Viator tour has been amazing for me so far. However, it was alright, not brilliant - our Italian English speaking guide didn't have much to say about the fjords, so not a very informative or interesting tour. Those of us on the upper deck couldn't really hear her very well when she did speak every fifteen minutes or so, but she made no effort to include us or get up on the upper deck a few times. The natural landscape was beautiful though which made up for it, as did the plentiful supply of blankets which kept us warm in very blustery conditions!

Beoordeling door: Paul S , United States of America, september 2016

The boat ride was boring since the commentary was very minimal and too few speakers

Beoordeling door: wlt , USA, mei 2012

This Fjord tour is just a tour of the local harbor area. I expected something different. Would not recommend. Also, the narration was poor.