• Locatie: New York City, New York
  • Duur: 90 minuten (circa)
Van USD 35,00

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Beoordeling door: miguel v , december 2015

Fue buena y muy gracioso ese autobús!!

Beoordeling door: GABRIELA E , juli 2015

great experience, the bus was amazing!!! it was just a bit too short for the price you pay but nice.

Beoordeling door: TWANNA W , juli 2015

Excellent stadium style seating give a great view of the sites

Beoordeling door: Jasmine T , juni 2015

I was expected to see and hear some of famous buildings with famous residents of upper east side, as well about Park avenue.

Beoordeling door: JEAN P , mei 2016

Tout en anglais, parlait fort et sans aucun arrêt, tout à fait la mode américaine - Le tour de ville était moyen, pas été sur les grandes artères où se trouvent les plus beaux sites - notre petit-fils s'est fort ennuyé

Beoordeling door: Susanb4999 , november 2015

The bus was great and the guide was lovely,but we were a bit disappointed with the content of the tour. We were hoping to see the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building from the bus but we did not see them or any of the big stores.

Beoordeling door: Taz , oktober 2015

The seating side on did not work for me or my wife as it made me feel sick the guide was too over the top for us.