• Locatie: Montego Bay or Negril, Jamaica
  • Duur: 2 uur (circa)
Van USD 114,99

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Beoordeling door: Michelle R , september 2016

amazing experience, will do it again

Beoordeling door: camilla P , augustus 2016

This was a great tour and the instructor was very nice.

Beoordeling door: RONALDAMAYNE , juli 2016

This tour was fun, very muddy because it was pouring raining. I loved the route we took and learning of history. I wish we got to try sugar cane or go to a locals house to sort of see more of everyday life in Jamaica. But overall the tour was great!

Beoordeling door: Tashira M , juli 2016

We did the one in Montego Bay. It was fantastic. I wish I could remember our tour guides name because he was awesome. He was so nice and chill and he was a great teacher and guide. He made me feel like I could get the hang of things and I did. The terrain that we went through was cool. We passed through local neighborhoods we saw animals we went through streams and mud. It was really cool. There were kids who sort of followed us along the tour. They were cute. They would say hello and ask for a dollar. lol We made a stop on a hill and that scenery was gorgeous. It was there that the tour guide gave us a brief history lesson. Overall I had a wonderful time. I highlight recommend this tour.

Beoordeling door: Yukio S , juli 2016

Highly recommended!! The views were amazing, the terrain was diverse and made for a great challenge. Not to mention that our guide Amal was informative, and cute!!

Beoordeling door: Jasmine M , juli 2016

This tour was amazing!

Beoordeling door: JACKLYN C , juni 2015

This trip was awesome!!! We had the best tour guide Jamal.

Beoordeling door: puga725 , United States of America, mei 2015

Well the ATV tour in Sandy Bay was Awesome. It had rained earlier in the day so it made for some extra mud which was great. The Chukka Tour guide Bobby was great and knowledgeable. the Pulaski ATV were fantastic and felt safer than the normal open top ride ones. These models were single sit in type ATV's with a roll cage and mesh doors, so everyone felt safer.

Beoordeling door: charles s , januari 2014

Great experience! A must do if u want to TRULY see Jamaica.

Beoordeling door: Jonathan H , januari 2014

Awesome! We had a great time. It had just rained before our tour so we got to ride through puddles and really test the ATV in all terrains.

Tips for this trip:
- Wear water shoes so your shoes don't get ruined
- If you are traveling with stuff make sure it can fit into a small locker you can rent at the site. The trail is dirty, dirty, dirty and fun
- Don't grip the life out of the handle bars. Hold both to keep you steady, but relax your arms. You'll thank me later

Beoordeling door: Felicia B , december 2013

It was AWESOME! Just know that you will get a bit muddy by the time it's over. It's great for beginners OR experienced riders. Wonderful tour guides. Great photo opportunities!

Beoordeling door: Warren J , juli 2013

Love the ATV adventure. This is our second time and they changed it a little from the first time by stopping at a different location. Tour guides were great as usual.

Beoordeling door: Kristy , USA, juni 2013

This was our most favorite tour. James didn't miss a hole or mud puddle.

Beoordeling door: MICHAEL O , mei 2013

Great time

Beoordeling door: Dorothy Y D , november 2012

I loved it. Everything and more. Its is a have.

Beoordeling door: Christina A , september 2012

The adventure was great and very organized. The guides were great and gave us a taste of true Jamaican treats sugar cane and coconut water or as they say wata. We were able to call the local number of pick up and they were right on time.

Beoordeling door: Andrey E , augustus 2012

Great experience and lots of fun, the tour guide was very informative. This trail does not allow you to push the ATV to its speed limits (racing and passing people is not allowed) but still was very enjoyable.

Beoordeling door: LaTanya L , augustus 2012

We had a blast. We will do this again on our next trip to Jamaica

Beoordeling door: Sonia L , juni 2012

This was fun and informative, the guides gave us history on the area which was a former sugar plantation. We got to taste a variety of different oranges from the orange trees planted all over the plantation. There is also a chance to taste the famous Jamacian Jerk Chicken and buy souvenirs from their gift shop.

Beoordeling door: Joan85 , december 2011

The tour guide was so patient and helpful. I was so scared to do this but he helped me all the way. My husband and I had a blast and their photos came out great!

Beoordeling door: Mary K , augustus 2011

It was GREAT. The guides were funny, engaging and thoughful. We would have liked an opportunity to go a bit faster, but knew it was impossible due to safety issues, and driver experience. Thank you.

Beoordeling door: CAITRIONA D , augustus 2011

Was looking forward to this trip pickup was on time and all the guides were very helpful highly recommended.couple from dublin

Beoordeling door: Heidi P , juli 2011

TONS OF FUN!! One of the highlights of our trip to Jamaica. Definitely muddy, but all is good! Gorgeous scenery and the ATVs are super easy to handle. If you can drive an automatic car, you can drive these ATVs. DEFINITELY WOULD SUGGEST TO DO THIS WHILE ON YOUR TRIP!!

Beoordeling door: latrice s , juni 2011

I had soooo much fun. It was exciting and the guides helped you along the way. You get really dirty also. The smoothies before or after your excursion were amaze so bring some $$$ w you.

Beoordeling door: Rob S , maart 2011

an exciting and informative trip!!!