• Locatie: Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Duur: 60 minuten (circa)
Van USD 25,39

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Beoordeling door: thomas r , oktober 2016

This was a not to be missed experience on a perfect sunny day with blue skies.

Beoordeling door: Judith L , september 2016

Very nice boat and wonderful cruise on a beautiful lake

Beoordeling door: M J B , augustus 2016

It was a very relaxing and informative trip. The crew were very accommodating to change our time slot. The scenery on this cruise are beautiful.

Beoordeling door: baj29 , juli 2016

Great cruise of the lake and surrounding area for the price. We were able to get on an earlier scheduled cruise than what we booked. This was a plus to fit our full schedule of vacation events.

Beoordeling door: georgiana s , juni 2016

I had a bit of trouble finding Pier 7...thought it was by Central Station and not on other side of the Lake.
Cruise left on time, boat was clean and comfortable. Weather cooperated that day, so views were stunning. One hour was enough. Boat made a circle around part of the lake. The cruise was pleasant, relaxing, and good value for the cost. I recommend it.

Beoordeling door: Rosemarie C , juni 2016

Our family had a wonderful time on this lovely boat. We stayed at the Hotel Grand National so it was only steps away from our hotel. The cruise itself was beautiful and having some wine as we took in the amazing surroundings was truly first class. We would recommend this wonderful trip to everyone! It was an hour long and that seemed just perfect! We love Luzern!

Beoordeling door: Brooks P , juni 2016

Weather was cloudy and windy but the views of the mountains were not obscured. Nice quiet ride on the yacht. Took lots of photos. Beautiful place!

Beoordeling door: KANDA SAMY S , juni 2016

Really relaxing cruise around the whole of Lucerne. Me and my wife thoroughly enjoyed the pleasant ride around the entire lake whilst taking in the amazing panoramic views. Highly recommended! Do note though that you can avail a 50 discount if you have a Swiss Travel Pass.

Beoordeling door: PATRICIA E , juni 2016

OMG this was fantastic!!! An absolute must if you are going to Lucerne which you should because it is so beautiful. 5 plus

Beoordeling door: Harry S , april 2016

An enjoyable and relaxing tour of Lake Lucerne.

Beoordeling door: Delores S , juni 2015

Lake Lucerne is very beautiful and picturesque. This is a great way to have a great view. Best on a fine weather day! No problem with online booking.

Beoordeling door: Julie M , juni 2015

Perfect city perfect lake - We had a wonderfully calm, sunny and warm day for this trip on the lake. The Audio guides were a great help in learning more about the lake, Lucerne, and the area in general.
To help seal the deal on perfection there was a brass band playing as well to finish off the ambiance of the whole trip. Would go again!

Beoordeling door: Kimberly B , juni 2014

Short and sweet and absolutely breathtaking!

Beoordeling door: frankgalgano3 , december 2016

The view is beautiful, the boat is really lovely. The only downside is that there's music playing between every sightseeing description. Makes it really hard to chat with your companions - you have to keep pulling the headphones off.

Beoordeling door: A N A , september 2016

The boat is beautiful as is the scenery!

Beoordeling door: Ed A , juli 2016

It was fine, but rainy and foggy so not the best day for this cruise.

Beoordeling door: Raja R , juni 2016

Cruise was very good. Worth the money.

Beoordeling door: Bethzaida D , juni 2016

The trip was OK, nothing spectacular about the boat but the view is absolutely stunning. Didn't even matter if you are in a yacht or a normal boat. The view of the Swiss Alps and the small villages surrounding the lake was wonderful. It's worth your every frankies.

Beoordeling door: Stephanie J , november 2016

Boat was nice and modern, however despite being in the low tourist season there were some large tour groups onboard which made the trip rather lacking in peacefulness and rather rowdy. We saw a different view of Pilatus which was nice and the audioguide was informative but the boat didn't go very far just circled the bay which I guess is all that you can do in an hour. In hindsight I really wish that had picked a longer cruise that went further past the bigger mountains as that scenery is more spectacular, it was over so quick and the view we saw wasn't much different from the view of our accommodation on the lake. I also urge the people running the cruise to hire an additional person in the cafeteria on board as the lady was completely overwhelmed and consequently showed no interest to serve me a drink more interested in cleaning for the next tour and packing the dishwasher despite the fact I was looking at her and waiting for service for quite a while.

Beoordeling door: Art M , augustus 2015

Basic cruise around the lake, no frills....beautiful scenery though.

Beoordeling door: Jay M , mei 2015

The boat picked up a group from across the lake prior to picking up the main group. We were the first ones in line and by the time we boarded, all the outside seating on the boat was occupied. It was not very well organized and I do NOT recommend this particular boat tour.