• Locatie: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Duur: 75 minuten (circa)

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USD 62,11  Bespaar  USD 17,12

Van USD 44,99

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Beoordeling door: Alan S , oktober 2016

This show does not have any headline stars but the whole show is well structured and uses a great band of entertainers. Small theater so every seat has a great view , we were in centre row 2 so we had great position.
The cast is in the lobby to say goodbye after the show as you leave.
One other good point the show starts at 17-30 so you still have the evening free after enjoying the performance.

Beoordeling door: Janice M , oktober 2016

We sat in the front row and enjoyed the show tremendously. I sang along on every song.

Beoordeling door: Lauri S , augustus 2016

This show is absolutely wonderful! This was our second time seeing it and it was even better this time. Everyone needs to see this show!!

Beoordeling door: Antony N , augustus 2016

very classy and polished performance by all

Beoordeling door: Wilson C , juni 2016

This tour was amazing!

Beoordeling door: robwright13 , juni 2016

we had a great time everyone was very nice and helpful show was great

Beoordeling door: Rosemary S , april 2016

Awesome show. Very talented artists and fantastic performances.

Beoordeling door: Robbie A B , januari 2016

One word....EXCELLENT!

Beoordeling door: Ian H , oktober 2015

Fantastic show with excellent seats. It's a small theater so any seat are ok. Well worth the money.

Beoordeling door: Joseph C , september 2015

excellent show

Beoordeling door: Keith R , augustus 2015

It was highly entertaining, not hollywood bowl but very good.

Beoordeling door: butterroll , juni 2015

This tour was amazing!

Beoordeling door: Timothy B , maart 2015

Eine sehr schöne Show. Absolut empfehlenswert

Beoordeling door: Theresa D , maart 2015

Love the singing and humor.

Beoordeling door: dcarter68 , december 2014

I am so glad this show was recommended to me. This is a must see.

Beoordeling door: christine b , oktober 2014

really good show would recommend it had vip seat at front of show

Beoordeling door: Jennifer W , juni 2014

The motown songs were so well sung. It was a fantastic evening. We recommend this show even if your not a fan of motown.

Beoordeling door: cookie , december 2013

sehr gut

Beoordeling door: Charlene D , juli 2013

A wonderful show that is family friendly and entertaining. I attended with my daughter (15) and she enjoyed the vintage music of the Motown sound and sang all the way through. I enjoyed the entertainment and the enthusiasm and talent of the performers. I would definitely recommend the show.

Beoordeling door: Sherraya L , juli 2013

Just like all the other great reviews said a great show a must see.... But be on time because it goes by quick.. Had a great time bought tickets for hubby and he loved it! All the singers where fantastic and very nice after the show I have tons of pictures really loved their performance

Beoordeling door: Michael V , juli 2013


Beoordeling door: Jehanna K , juli 2013

Amazing amazing amazing! Loved it but wish it was longer. The performers were fantastic.

Beoordeling door: Brady R , juni 2013

Excellent !!!

Beoordeling door: Vegas , april 2013

We had a great time at Hitzville
Highly recommended

Beoordeling door: Linda G , april 2013

Had a fab time