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Beoordeling door: John K , augustus 2016

I've been to a few shows in Vegas now but this is up there with the best

Beoordeling door: Barbara S , juli 2015

Saw a similar show on broadway. These guys were just as good. Loved the show!

Beoordeling door: abarabancea , juli 2015

The band was great!

Beoordeling door: xpwgranny , juni 2015


Beoordeling door: grammaanne69 , mei 2015

These guys are amazing. They sounded just the like the Beatles. Great performance. Will go again

Beoordeling door: SUSANA L , maart 2015

the show was great, and the dinner one of the best, Pampas Restaurant in Planet Holloywood, Las Vegas, fantastic

thank you

Beoordeling door: Randolph L , maart 2015

This show is in a small theater so all seats are good seats. The performance was very good and entertaining. Lots of laughs and singing along. I would come see this show again.

Beoordeling door: Willem P , februari 2015

We loved this show! It was very authentic andwe could like photos and sing along. A real nostalgia trip.

Beoordeling door: Tom W , december 2014

They were very, very good. Lots of era costume changes were really nice. We had front row seats right in front of the stage - so that was a nice perk. We appreciated inserting a little humor throughout also.

Beoordeling door: Ghislaine D , september 2014

Très bon spectacle.

Beoordeling door: Martha D. H , augustus 2013

The Best! My third show. They are FAB! There is a trend I have noticed: they are cutting the songs and sort of combining. Stick to the Original format and keep the fans happy! I had a great time!! Got on STAGE!!!

Beoordeling door: TorWal , Sverige, augustus 2013

Skitbra. Lagom lång show. . Bra musiker. Utmärkt mat-och showpaket.

Beoordeling door: Michael V , juli 2013


Beoordeling door: j.getuliosoares , juli 2013

muito bom show ,reserva ,conforto e horario impecaveis

Beoordeling door: Aigul A , april 2013

It was great! I wanted to dance! We were first in the line so we were given quite close seats. The artists were signing their voices and very close to original, but I wish their faces remind the originals better. Impersonators tried hard to entertain us.

Beoordeling door: Sharon K , april 2013

Amazing.... I was in the 2nd row and kept looking to see them lip sync or something. I couldn't believe they were signing live; it was awesome!! I will plan on seeing them every time I am in Vegas!

Beoordeling door: James R , maart 2013

Very good interactive show, you are encouraged to sing along. Great for the entire family. We highly recommend this show!

Beoordeling door: Cheryl M , maart 2013

We have a lot of fun. The audience was small and interactive and the music was wonderful. Closest we will ever get to the Beatles.

Beoordeling door: Eileen C , Canada, december 2012

It was worth the money and thoroughly enjoyed the show.

Beoordeling door: Ian & Desy , oktober 2012


Beoordeling door: Susan , United Kingdom, september 2012

Great show. If you are a Beatles fan this should not be missed.

Beoordeling door: Jacqueline J , september 2012

loved it

Beoordeling door: Mary Ann O , augustus 2012

Great show. It was great to sing along with the Fab 4!

Beoordeling door: tisha , United Kingdom, mei 2012

The boys are amazing,all live music.very authentic and I can die happy now because I met the "Beatles" after the show and got a kiss from Ringo,,,very nice gesture,,,go see them you will not be disappointed only wish In could give them10 stars

Beoordeling door: Lee V , mei 2012

If you closed your eyes you would not know the difference