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Beoordeling door: Tammara H , augustus 2016

The whole day start to finish was fantastic. Our Guide was phenomenal. The only issue that could have been improved upon was instructions for the Baths.

Beoordeling door: glenboniface , juli 2016

Fantastic to be there before the crowds, it gives the place a different feel and enables you to experience the tranquility and holiness of the place. Enjoyed seeing the inside of the church. Our guide was knowledgeable, friendly and cheerful. An unexpected bonus for us was all the information proved on the sights of Barcellona as we left.

Beoordeling door: Melba T , juli 2016

Great tour!

Beoordeling door: Harriette B , juli 2016

The staff were very helpful and obliging. Our guide Fernando was excellent, both in his presentation of the information and his personal observations. Given the number of people walking through Alhambra, Fernando made sure we all had an opportunity to see the best on offer. A visit to hammam a must!

Beoordeling door: Deena P , juni 2016

Great tour!

Beoordeling door: Iftekhar I , United States of America, februari 2016

Excellent addition of Hammam was out of this world!

Beoordeling door: Marnie-Anne S , december 2014

I recommend doing a guided tour, rather than using the audio guide. It is much better having a guide to tell you about the history of granada and so you can ask questions. I really recommend the tour. Antonio was our tour guide and he was very, very good.

The Hammam baths were beautiful, and very relaxing after all the walking you do around Alhambra! Just sensational.

Beoordeling door: yves R , september 2014

Nous avons été enchanté par la visite guidée de l'Alhambra réalisée par Inma.
L'organisation a été excellente également.
Pour le hammam( très beau) la visite a été un peu bâclée par le manque d'explication sur place.
Personne ne nous a expliqué le fonctionnement exact du hammam et ce que nous pourrions y faire ainsi que les différentes possibilités entre les différents massages.

Beoordeling door: Jerry O , april 2014

This was just a wonderful experience in so many ways. If you are in Granda, this is a must tour.

Beoordeling door: Larry U , augustus 2013

The entire experience was great!! We were picked up at our hotel and taken to the Alhambra, where we were separated into groups based on the language of our tour. Our guide spoke perfect English, knew his stuff and was funny as well. The Alhambra is a very large complex of buildings and going with a guide is a good idea and a timeasver. I think that if I went on my own I either would have missed sites and information, or it would have taken forever reading through a guidebook as I walked. As it was, the tour lasted over three there is much to see. My travel companion (my fifteen year old son) also loved this tour. No one visiting southern Spain should miss going to the is an architectural and historical gem that leaves a memorable impression.
The add on of the hammam was worth the money, even if you only have an hour or so before they ask you to leave. After the three or four miles you walk on the Alhambra tour, your body welcomes the pampering and relaxation of of the hammam. Pools of water, a steam room, soft music, candlelight, the sound of water cascading into the pools all put you in a good mood. Plus, you'll need a shower anyway after touring the Alhambra in ninety degree weather!
In all I'd recommend the tour to anyone who will be in Granada!

Beoordeling door: Lejla M , juli 2013

This tour was fabulous!!!
I enjoyed every moment of it.

Beoordeling door: Tokunbo L , juli 2013

The tour was fantastic..I really enjoyed it and the tour guide was passionate and explained every part of the tour with much detail and compassion. Will recommend anytime. Not sure about the massage seemed less than what I expected.

Beoordeling door: Jonette B , USA, mei 2013

Alberto was a great guide. He was very informative. I felt we had the best tour of any of the other guides that I witnessed. After we left Alberto we were on our wn to find the Hammam. The check in was very disorganized. If you didn't speak Spanish you would not know what to do. Get to the Hamman early as people were lined up out the door when we arrived 20 minutes before our reservation time. Don't assume your Hamman visit is directly after the Alhambra tour. Ask what time they made your reservation. Our reservation was not until 6pm. After understanding what to do we had a great time.

Beoordeling door: Blanca , United Kingdom, september 2012

I absolutely loved the Alhambra! It is well worth going on a guided visit as there is so much to see that we would have defintely got lost and missed part of it. Also a big plus was that we didn´t have to queue for the tickets, and some people inside the Alhambra told us they had been queueing for over a couple of hours. We also heard that in high season you may not even be able to get a ticket even after queueing, so we were very glad we booked online beforehand! As for the hamam, we really enjoyed the experience. It was great relaxing in the hamam after the morning in the Alhambra, which we loved but we were pretty tired after it. The atmosphere at the hamam was really nice and inspiring, and it was really clean. Also the massage was very plessant. I had been to a really nice hamam in Istanbul two months ago, which was very famous, but I preferred this one much better! Definitely recommend it!

Beoordeling door: Merlyn D , juli 2012

I rarely do any reviews, but this tour was just amazing, very organized, very professional. If you go to Granada, the Arab Bath option is a must! It was absolutely fantastic! Too bad I couldn't take pictures inside, but well worth the $$. The guys who give the massages are gorgeous! Had a great relaxing time. The "Alhambra" was also ahhhhhmazing. Unbelievable architecture.

Beoordeling door: Alison M , juni 2012

Fantastic day.Our guide was very good 3hour tour very interesting.Stayed for awhile after .Arab Bath experiece was perfect ,totally relaxing in beautiful surroundings,not crowded .Peppermint tea lovely.

Beoordeling door: Ann C , februari 2012

The guided tour of the Alhambra was brilliant, the guide was very knowledgeable and passionate which came over really well. The baths were beautifully relaxing and just right after a day sightseeing. A great experience.

Beoordeling door: Allan W , januari 2012

The Alhambra is fantastic and, luckily, there weren't that many people. Our guide was well-informed and had a great personality. Since this was a birthday to myself, I opted for the baths. Certainly worth it. I was a little nervous about how I would know it was my turn for the massage because I was lounging in the sauna and the hot water area - I thought I had missed it. After a half hour of lounging, I asked the guy and he said another 30 minutes. Aaahhhhhh!!!! - more lounging - fantastic. I really enjoyed my day.

Beoordeling door: Megan M , september 2011

The Alhambra is gorgeous and the gardens really set it apart from other historic buildings. I appreciated the information the guide gave to help me appreciate my surroundings. Also, the strict rules about when to see what would have been impossible to decipher without a guide. I'm glad I decided to upgrade to the Arab bath with a massage. It was very relaxing and different from other touristy things. It wasn't crowded and it's unlike any activity in America that I can think of. The baths are separate from the Alhambra and slightly hard to find. It's in an alley further down from the tourist office in Plaza Nueva. The massage lasted about 20 mins. There are lockers when you can change into your swimsuit and store you stuff. No cameras allowed. Also, if you want to freshen up afterwards bring a brush. There are plenty of mirrors, lotions and hair dryers in the locker rooms.

Beoordeling door: nabeela m , augustus 2011

well organized

Beoordeling door: Richard L , augustus 2011

My wife and I had just finished a bicycle tour from Seville to Granada. On the tour we visited many Moorish ruins, including baths.We had an excellent guide on our trip to explain the baths and their workings but it never came together until we experienced the bath. With the limited number of persons admitted, we were truly lost in time. The incense,candles,and music,along with the hot room, cold room, steam room,tea room, and pools gave a sense of what it was like a thousand years ago. The experience was unparalleled. Rick Lang Canada

Beoordeling door: jeannette d , juli 2011

Granada and the Alhambra are realy beautyful.
The hamam is also a great experience.
But i think it is maybe cheaper to book you one tour with a headset and a map and buscard for a few days.
But it was perfect.

Beoordeling door: Arnold G , mei 2011

a wonderful way to end the day

Beoordeling door: Jerri M , USA, juni 2010

Great tour guide at the Alhambra! Baths are a must!

Beoordeling door: Marsha B , Canada, juni 2010

Wonderful Alhambra tour. Really enjoyed Robert our guide. Groups could have been a little bit smaller. The Arab baths and massage were a treat at the end of a long day.