• Locatie: Granada, Spain
  • Duur: 2 uur 30 minuten (circa)
Van USD 32,25

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Beoordeling door: Stephen T , augustus 2016

Great tour! Thoroughly recommend this to anyone visiting Granada. Flamenco is the heart of the city. No visit to Granada should miss it otherwise what is the point? The cave tavern in Sacramonte where the show is held is cool and comfortable.

Beoordeling door: Alan P , maart 2016

Thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Beoordeling door: Iftekhar I , United States of America, februari 2016

Beautiful tour. Highly recommend it!

Beoordeling door: Ann Marie M , juni 2015

Stunning and professional performance in fascinating location. The dinner was plentiful and delicious too!

Beoordeling door: Ann F , maart 2015

This tour was amazing!

Beoordeling door: Ju Leprevost , oktober 2014

Resumindo em uma palavra = Imperdível.

Beoordeling door: susan k , oktober 2014

From pick-up to drop off - FANTASTIC. Spend the extra dollar and get the dinner. Well worth it and better seats! The show was touristy and fun. Just what you wanted on this tour. No disappointment. It was as expected.

Beoordeling door: Mohd Nasriq M , september 2014

Lovely show. Wish the pickup was punctual or at least 5-10 minutes late.

Beoordeling door: shuk ling sara f , augustus 2013

Wonderful flamenco and night scene, also the guide had excellent knowledge about the city and history of it

Beoordeling door: Gonzos , augustus 2013

Everything we expected! The performance was mesmerizing!

Beoordeling door: Margrét Þ , juli 2013

Very well organized and worth every penny! The flemenco dancers are true artists, we enjoyed the evening very much! Our two grandchildren, 5 and 6 years, liked it too :)

Beoordeling door: Blanca , United Kingdom, januari 2013

Excellent show and good food, plus we were given great seats and had an overall wonderful experience. Really recommend it, a must!

Beoordeling door: SCV , december 2012

Our night at the flamenco show was so much fun! We bought the dinner option and we were glad we did - the food (Spanish cuisine) was very nice and as we had a table, we were located slightly higher than the rest so we have great views of the show! The caves are very charming and as they are quite small, the flamenco dancers and musicians perfom very closely to the public which is a unique and exciting experience! I've been to lots of flamenco shows before and this one was very unique, a great experience to take back home!

Beoordeling door: MUHAMMAD C , januari 2017

interesting experience, the dancers were very talanted and worked very hard to a bemused chinese audience

Beoordeling door: Donna L , juli 2016

The Flamenco dancing was very exciting! Completely worth seeing this! The process however was confusing. After confirming hotel pick up time via email with the local tour supplier, they apparently arrived at the hotel 30 minutes earlier, and did not know our names, so the hotel could not call to tell us. We were waiting in our room. When we came out - we were told they'd come and gone. So we instead took a taxi and arrived just in time to be seated for our appointed show.

However, we had also booked the 'dinner' part of the show, and I had to go back to the front and ask them to pull our voucher to check that. Then they found us a table, and started our service late.

The walking tour of Albaicin at night was also interesting, but the guide really rushed us along. Very little time to appreciate the views, or take pictures. There were many other groups also walking, and running into each other. It was a tad chaotic. The view of the Alhambra at night was lovely though. And our guide was funny. They did drop us back at our hotel- last.

I think they could improve their organizational bits and communications. The price seemed fair.

Beoordeling door: margaret m , juni 2016

A uniqu experience to fet to visit the gypsey caves, see the flamenco dancers, then totop off the evening, the al hambre at night...truly magnificent

Beoordeling door: alistair m s , maart 2016

This was great. Not sure we were comfortable being the only people in our cellar eating but relaxed quickly. The dancing was excellent and energetic

Beoordeling door: Francoise V , maart 2016

Très bonne soirée,bien organisée. Nôtre accompagnatrice était très agréable et la visite après le spectacle nous a permis de découvrir l Alhambra by night. Très beau.

Beoordeling door: Akiko S , december 2014

We'll organized tour

Beoordeling door: Jillian M B , december 2014

There was some confusion as the tour organisers seemed unable to pick me up from my hotel as was expected and paid for. it meant that I had to walk for ten minutes late at night and on my own - I'm 72 years old - from the drop off point to my hotel.

Beoordeling door: Russell B , april 2014

Exciting, unique, and wonderful! One of the highlights of our trip! The venue isn't the most comfortable. The language barrier is significant. You'll be shoulder to shoulder with people you don't know. But the show is amazing! The rhythms are complex and fascinating. The dancing is enthralling. This experience was worth every penny and more.

The only reason I gave it 4 stars rather than 5 is because, upon exiting the venue, there were a few moments of confusion where our group didn't know where to go or what to do. We were collected by one of the workers (someone we had not yet met) and led quickly through the streets to one of the Alhambra viewpoints, where our guide stopped to tell us something. (But I have my doubts that any in our group could understand what she was saying.) That was the walking tour part. When she was done, we were given about 5 minutes to appreciate the very nice night-time view. And then it was over. Not much of a "walking tour." But a fun "cultural moment" nevertheless. The van ride through the Albaicin up to Sacromonte is an experience of a lifetime...

It was a wonderful night, filled with laughter, culture, and amazing rhythm.

Beoordeling door: Iris C , juni 2013

Amazing Flamenco show. Great ambience. A different touch! Dinner was terrible:(
It was too dark to appreciate the short walk. There was a lot of waiting around and this part of the itinerary disorganised! The lighted Alhambra was nevertheless lovely.

Beoordeling door: mm4peace , april 2013

We enjoyed the authentic Flamenco show that was given in a building that built was in a cave. We saw two groups of dancers/singers and they were obviously very talented The performers danced, sang and performed with passion and aplumb,

Beoordeling door: Brunilda P , januari 2017

The flamenco show was really nice but it started 30 minutes later than the time in the ticket. The dancers were very interesting and the atmosphere was nice even though the show was not in Sacramento, as it is written in the tour, but in Albaicin. After an hour show we were supposed to take a tour of Albaicin but we were just taken to the upper part of Albaicin and after 10 min the taxi was called to pick us up. So basically we did only one hour show and almost nothing else.

Beoordeling door: Brenda K , juni 2016

Very Good evening good value