• Locatie: Cancun, Mexico
  • Duur: 45 minuten (circa)

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USD 148,99  Bespaar  USD 37,24

Van USD 111,75

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Beoordeling door: Melissa L , juli 2013

Loved it however price of pictures was too high! Wish we would have known ahead of time so we could have been prepared. We didn't get to purchase any

Beoordeling door: Brigitta M , maart 2013

An amazing day altogether, and a wonderful time with the dolphins in the sea! Excellent restaurant and open bar service at the park, very friendly and helpful staff, beautiful place, and unforgettable interaction with these smart and sweet animals!

Beoordeling door: Elana Tozer , februari 2012

Excellent... this is a must do if you go to Cancun. You will not be disappointed. If you are staying in one of the hotels in the Cancun hotel district it is very easy to catch a bus to where the ferries leave for Isla Mujeres.

Beoordeling door: Ryan W , augustus 2011

fabulous, best activity we have ever done. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were pleasantly surprised at how long we got to spend in the water. The instructor was great and we loved every minute.

Beoordeling door: Stachia J , USA, augustus 2009

The swimming with dolphins was great and affordable.

Beoordeling door: Angela S , USA, augustus 2009

This is a must do. Thank you for a great experience. Everything was all set up, and this was a memory to last a life time.

Beoordeling door: Tracy F , november 2012

It was truly amazing to be so close to the dolphins. It wasn't amazing to learn we didn't get the same package as the people next to us who seem to be doing more with them. Would have liked all the options ahead of time. When booked, the only differences were the time alloted with the dolphins.

Beoordeling door: DALIANA M. R , november 2010

It should have vehicle transportation

Beoordeling door: Anoniem , januari 2010

A great time! Just wish we would have had more time with the dolphins! There were 10 people in our group.

Beoordeling door: Phil C , december 2015

The tour is really unorganized and the transportation to get there is confusing. Our scheduled time got delayed for more than an hour. If you want to get with Dolphin get it at Xcaret instead.