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Beoordeling door: karabthompson , februari 2017

We walked around with Phil who was not only extremely knowledgeable but he was funny too! He told the story of 800 years of history in Berlin! I never felt overwhelmed by the information because it was so clear and digestible. This is an absolute must-do in Berlin! You see the typical touristy stuff while gaining a deeper appreciation for why the sites are famous and you also see unknown sites that you would walk right past.

Beoordeling door: Gali K , februari 2017

The tour was excellent! It is most recommended on your first day in Berlin, giving great orientation both in Berlin's historical timeline and in the places you might want to see. Mr Dumpsy demonstrated deep knowledge of Berlin's history and connected it well to the current days. His great ability to tell stories and sharing interesting anecdotes kept the group intrigued and anticipating during the whole four hours.

Beoordeling door: Ana B , februari 2017

Well worth the walk in the cold!

Beoordeling door: Gary D , januari 2017

Outstanding. Our guide was an Irish guy Barry who really new his German history and was very entertaining. It was our first day in Berlin and the walking tour really set-up our visit perfectly. Highly recommended!

Beoordeling door: Rachel J , januari 2017

This was a brilliant tour. The guide, David, was very passionate about Berlin and it's history and this really brought all the information to life. Fascinating and well worth doing.

Beoordeling door: Dave M , januari 2017

Our tour guide James was enthusiastic and well informed, we enjoyed the tour very much. We arrived a few minutes late after the tour started and we were allowed to catch up. This tour is a great way to orient your deeper investigation in to the many tour delights of Berlin.

Beoordeling door: Johan E , december 2016

David our guide was well informed and fun to follow.

Beoordeling door: jason B , december 2016

Very interesting tour, good insight to German history,well worth the money

Beoordeling door: Victoria H , december 2016

Fantastic tour or Berlin, our guide Jared was passionate and full of information. A great way to get the best from a short weekend away.

Beoordeling door: Virginia C , november 2016

The Tour Guide was brilliant with info - a ral insider's view. Lots of walking meant we saw loads of places. Fully recommend it.

Beoordeling door: Nigel C , november 2016

Very good and informative tour with an excellent guide Mr.Dietrich

Beoordeling door: Stephen B , november 2016

Good tour through the heart of historic Berlin. Knowledgeable guide and good humour from Irish Phil. Highly recommended

Beoordeling door: Stephen M , november 2016

Barnaby, our tour guide was top class! Really knowledgable about Berlin history and its people. A great sense of humour added to an appropriate amount of reverence made this tour the most memorable part of our first trip to Berlin. He makes the past come to life and his love for the city is infectious. A brilliant day, thanks Barnaby!!

Beoordeling door: Gerald B , november 2016

Very knowledgeable and entertaining guide. Thorough insight into Berlin's history, well worth doing.

Beoordeling door: Stephen R , oktober 2016

JJ was an excellent guide who took us around all the key sights in Berlin explaining the history with humour and expertise.

Beoordeling door: Tushar , oktober 2016

Nice walking tour - was very informative

Beoordeling door: james g , oktober 2016

Best way to orient yourself to city and its history.Phil, our guide was excellent.
Very good value. Would reccomend to anyone.

Beoordeling door: pe22y , oktober 2016

Maria had an amazing historical knowledge of Berlin and interspersed interesting related anecdotes that made the tour fascinating. She stopped at important historical sites in East Berlin, relating the various historical significances over the generations, while also pointing out other related points of interest. Although our group was 40, Maria's voice was strong enough to make her heard by the group. We wished our stay in Berlin was longer so we could have signed up for additional tours. Maria was great!

Beoordeling door: Tegan33 , oktober 2016

The guide I forgot his name now, but he was American/German was extremely informative and just and so much to share with the group.
Really opens your eyes to see what Berlin and Germany went through.

Beoordeling door: Amanda D , oktober 2016

We had an excellent tour guide Barnaby who supplied lots of colorful commentary, including the historical and cultural backdrop for the places we visited. The tour was informative and entertaining.

Beoordeling door: Peter G , oktober 2016

Maria was excellent. Engaging, funny, knowledgable. Couldn't be better.

Beoordeling door: bradz19 , oktober 2016

Four hours of walking around this beautiful city of Berlin with our guide JJ who was fantastic we were his only other 2 Irish tourists in his group so we got all his good jokes lol. highly recommended and would return to the city again and visit all his recommendations on the museums thank you!

Beoordeling door: Maria P , oktober 2016

The tour was excellent! Barry was so funny and the tour was enlightening and all the jokes made everyone laugh and kept us all interested. Keep up the good work!

Beoordeling door: tennsqueen , september 2016

We had a good time with Barnaby. He was knowledgeable, informative, and funny. Would do it again.

Lila French

Beoordeling door: Jack D , september 2016

It was a lot of fun and was very interested