• Locatie: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Duur: 40 minutes
Van USD 117,58

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Beoordeling door: Deborah K , april 2016

As first time bungee jumpers this was a great first outing. The staff was great and reassuring and made us feel secure the entire time. Would definitely do again.

Beoordeling door: Darielle R , augustus 2013

The experience was amazing! We were picked up right at the Maritime Museum, went to the center to get our gear, and then up the bridge! The whole time, I felt secure and safe, as the instructors knew what they were doing, and made people feel at ease if they were nervous. I would highly recommend this: Worth the price, and a once in a lifetime jump!

Beoordeling door: Karen W , augustus 2013


Beoordeling door: luke c , juni 2013

Great experience awesome way to see the harbour!

Beoordeling door: Kathryn L , februari 2013

Expensive, but worth it for a once in a lifetime experience.

Beoordeling door: huzzeinne s , december 2012


Beoordeling door: Amanda L , december 2012

Amazing. The staff was friendly and accommodating. I felt completely safe and in great hands upon jumping.

Beoordeling door: MizWrx , november 2012

Operators were great, video and picture footage a good deal, great to get that first bungy out of the way :-)

Beoordeling door: aniDgr8 , november 2012

Amazing experience! I would rate this experience as more thrilling than Sky Diving.

Beoordeling door: Joel O , juli 2012

Very cool jump. Neat to see what holds up the bridge you drive over to get to it as well

Beoordeling door: Annette M , USA, juli 2011

Great experience with the staff. What a rush! Well organized jump and felt as safe as I could jumping off a bridge! Thanks!

Beoordeling door: Adam P , juni 2011

Amazing. This was my first jump and I had a blast. I would recommend getting the pictures they put together. It may be a bit pricy but totally worth the memory. It was an undesirable feeling falling off of a bridge but you will not regret it when it is over. touching the water was intense as well.

Beoordeling door: Kelley , mei 2011

Close your eyes when you first jump! LOL It was fun!

Beoordeling door: Danielle G , USA, juni 2010

This bungy jump was a blast!! Great, friendly staff. Will definitely go back again in the future!!

Beoordeling door: RODOLFO S , USA, mei 2010

well what can i say ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i can not wait to do it again.

Beoordeling door: Anoniem , USA, mei 2010

This was an amazing experience, beautiful views and great staff as well. Perfect for first-timers and the only ocean touch jump in the world! I jumped twice and will definitely go again before I leave Auckland.

Beoordeling door: Anoniem , USA, januari 2010

My first bungy jump. Very fun.

Beoordeling door: John W C , USA, december 2009

This was the Highlight of my kids trip!

Beoordeling door: Anoniem , USA, december 2009

I was afraid, but the guys were awesome! The helped me to cool down and enjoy the experience. I strongly recommend!

Beoordeling door: Paul R , Australia, oktober 2009

Absolutely awesome! Well recommended.

Beoordeling door: John H , december 2008

I am 73 years old and have never had more fun. It went too fast and I do want to do it again. What a rush when I hit the water and I was never scared because the guides were so professional. Thanks

Beoordeling door: Anoniem , november 2008

This was one of the best things I did in Auckland. Great fun!

Beoordeling door: Pamela T , USA, augustus 2008

Great staff and great bargain! Must do!

Beoordeling door: Benjamin P , Australia, augustus 2008

This was the ultimate Auckland experience. I loved every minute of it, including the extremely cold and windy climb. If anything, this climb was probably more scary than the bungy jump itself. The staff were completely professional about safety and an awesome bunch of fun people in general. Everyone daring should give this one a go. You'll LOVE it!!!

Beoordeling door: Steven L , United Kingdom, mei 2007

I thought this tour was excellent.