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Jorvik Viking Centre

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Go back in time and learn about the Viking history of York at the Jorvik Viking Centre. The museum is actually built on the site of a famous archeological dig uncovered more than three decades ago. Buried under eight tons of dirt, archaeologists found the remarkably preserved Viking city of Jorvik as it was 1,000 years ago. Along with houses, and workshops they uncovered more than 40-thousand artifacts. Rare objects made of wood and leather; objects that normally do not survive over time, were un-earthed in great condition. The moist-oxygen free soil is credited with helping to preserve the artifacts.

Visitors can explore the reconstruction of the Viking streets, seeing how they would have looked so long ago. Built by the York Archaeological Trust, the goal was to recreate the Viking city keeping it as authentic as possible, from the layout of houses to the distinct smells of the neighborhood.

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