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Baisha Ancient Town

Baisha Ancient Town is well known in the area for being the town of fruits, due to farming so many cumquats and exporting them throughout China. This tiny, oval-shaped Asian citrus fruit closely resemble oranges and throughout the year, the village turns from a sea of green in summer to a golden orange one in November as the cumquats ripen. Not only the glowing colors of the cumquat season, but also the picturesque landscape composed of ancient bridges, the slow moving Yulong River and the tall karst mountains in the background attract photographers to this spot. As the village is located right next to the famous Yulong Bridge crossing the Yulong River, Baisha has turned into a necessary stop for any bicycle tour around the area.

Starting from beneath the bridge in Baisha Ancient Town, you can also head out on bamboo rafts to go on a lazy float down the river, or watch fishermen practice the old school fishing method using cormorants.

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