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3 Days in Hanoi: Suggested Itineraries

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The northern Vietnamese city of Hanoi is a beguiling mix of modern and ancient, Asian traditions and colonial legacies. Elegant balconied buildings front tree-lined boulevards, while cyclists and ...  Meer info

3 Days in Hue: Suggested Itineraries

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Rent a bicycle or hire a motor taxi and explore the Imperial Enclosure, one of Hue’s most historic sites. Enter through the Ngo Mon Gate, once reserved exclusively for royalty, and climb to its ...  Meer info

3 Days in Hoi An: Suggested Itineraries

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Vietnam's rich history and deep Asian roots can be best appreciated in the architecture of its religious and political buildings. Take a motor taxi to the gold and red Quan Cong Temple. Its ...  Meer info

Reistips voor 3 dagen Ho Chi Min Stad

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Ho Chi Minh Stad heette ooit Saigon en velen noemen de stad nog steeds zo. Het is een opgewekte stad en je ontkomt er bijna niet aan dat je wordt ondergedompeld met lokale cultuur. Het aanbod van ...  Meer info