Lions Gate Bridge

The Lions Gate Bridge spans Burrard Inlet, connecting North and West Vancouver with the City Centre, via Stanley Park. Originally opened in 1938, the bridge isn’t just a major transportation hub for Vancouver, but it’s also a National Historic Site of Canada.

Even the impressive stats—the bridge is about a mile (1.5 km) long, its two suspension towers are 365 feet (111 meters) tall and the bridge deck sits 200 feet (61 m) above the water—barely do the bridge justice. From Ambleside Park, in West Vancouver, the view of Lions Gate Bridge against a backdrop of downtown Vancouver truly shows its immense scale. It’s even more spectacular at night, as the entire bridge is covered in decorative LED lighting.

Walking from Ambleside Park to Stanley Park takes about one hour, and it’s a worthy stroll because of the fantastic views of downtown Vancouver from the bridge deck. Once in Stanley Park, a huge variety of attractions await, including the stunning 5.5-mile (8.8-km) seawall trail that is popular with cyclists, walkers and inline skaters. Also located within walking distance of Lions Gate Bridge are the Vancouver Aquarium, Lost Lagoon, Beaver Lake and more than 16 miles (27 km) of walking trails that wind through old growth coastal forest. 

Practical Info

Lions Gate Bridge is the main traffic hub between the communities of Vancouver. More than 70,000 vehicles cross the bridge daily, and its center lane is reversed to accommodate peak traffic times. 
Adres: Vancouver, Canada
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