Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife

Grizzly bears, a grey wolf, birds of prey and hummingbirds all live and play at the Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife. With interpretative programs and educational opportunities, the refuge allows visitors to see and learn about these species and their habitats.

The main attractions, undoubtedly, are the two grizzly bears, Grinder and Coola, who coexist despite their unique personalities. Both were orphaned in 2011—Grinder was found along a logging road in British Columbia's Kootenay Mountains, while Coola was scooped up off the roadside near Bella Coola. Travelers can take a bear discovery tour to see them or opt for the Breakfast with the Bears program. Alpha, the only grey wolf at Grouse Mountain, is often spotted right from the parking lot as he explores his personal protected habitat. Raised in captivity, Alpha is a former movie star who couldn't be released into the wild after his stardom but managed to find himself a wild-like retirement home at the base of Grouse Mountain.

Each summer, Grouse Mountain also participates in a hummingbird-monitoring program from its mountaintop feeding station to assist the North American Hummingbird Monitoring Network piece together a clearer picture of hummingbirds' behavior, migration and ecology.

Practical Info

The Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife is a 30-minute drive from downtown Vancouver, or approximately one hour away on public transportation.
Adres: 6400 Nancy Greene Way, Vancouver, Canada
Openingstijden: Daily 9am–10pm
Toegang: Adults: $41.95, Youth (13-18) $23.95, Children (5-12) $13.95
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