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Bioparc Valencia

You may have been to the zoo, but you probably haven’t been to this kind of zoo. Bioparc Valencia prides itself on offering what they call zoo-imersion, a concept that focuses on immersing human visitors in the habitat of the animals, and not the other way around, as is traditionally the case. To do this, the animals are not kept in cage-like enclosures, but instead surroundings that are as close to their natural environments as possible. Meanwhile, guests to the Bioparc view them in a safari-style way, with ponds, streams and rocks serving as barriers rather than bars and fences.

Opened in 2008, the Bioparc is located at the west end of the Turia Riverbed Gardens. It spans some 25 acres of land, on which all manner of wildlife roam. The creatures originate from places including the African savannah and wetlands, and range from hippos to lions, monkeys, giraffes and more.

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