Via Po

The square found at the end of Via Po - also called La Piazza Vittorio Veneto - is actually rectangular, with palazzi (large buildings, usually housing museums, apartments or shops) on three sides. The fourth side affords a view of the River Po. The square was designed and built between 1825 and 1830 in the place where the 17th century Porta di Po by Guarini once stood.

Aside from its view of the river, the square is notable because it isn't really paved - not even with cobblestones. Although the buildings seem to be on the same level, the road actually descends down to the river. The square itself is picturesque, but visitors will likely also be compelled to stop into its many shops. In particular, there a lot of bookstores, wine bars and cafes. If you've ever had a notion of reading a novel while sipping an Italian coffee, this is a good place to live it out.

Via Po and La Piazza Vittorio Veneto offer plenty to do in the way of shopping and nightlife. Caffe Fiorio, for example, hosts excellent jazz. In general, Turin is more than aristocratic monuments and religious relics; its nightlife has exploded in recent years, and the city has become a destination for world-famous DJs and live music - never mind its popular wine bars.

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