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Château Plaisance Winery

Although Château Plaisance now sells over 150,000 bottles around the world, it started out as a small family production back in the 1870s. Louis Penavayre, however, took the business of his ancestors to the next level in 1971, expanding the land and becoming an ambassador of the endemic Negrette vines in the process. These flavorful vines, which have been growing in Fronton for well over 2,000 years, are characterized by their low acidity levels and dark grapes that give way to the wine's powerful yet supple taste. In 1991, the land was expanded to a whopping 40 acres (16 hectares) before it eventually reached 74 acres (30 hectares) by 2010.

Château Plaisance has recently undergone major transformations and is now an entirely organic production, thus reflecting a desire to let the grapes’ rich flavors take the spotlight.