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The Pampas

Plaza de Mayo

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Plaza de Mayo is Buenos Aires’ political heart, first mapped out in 1580. Today, the grassy, treed plaza attracts visitors with cameras and relaxing locals, ...  Meer info


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The ritzy Recoleta neighborhood draws visitors in the numbers for a wander through Buenos Aires’ up-market residential streets and public parks. For most ...  Meer info

Begraafplaats La Recoleta

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Hoewel het wellicht vreemd is dat een van de belangrijkste toeristische trekpleisters van Buenos Aires een begraafplaats is, is La Recoleta geen gewone ...  Meer info

Puerto Madero

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Once a lackluster cargo port, the waterfront area of Puerto Madero is now one of Buenos Aires’ most fashionable districts, teeming with upmarket restaurants ...  Meer info

Palermo Viejo

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Palermo Viejo is the old quarter of Buenos Aires’ largest barrio, Palermo. The old residential area is well worth visiting to stroll past grand buildings and ...  Meer info

Plaza San Martin

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One of Buenos Aires’ oldest public squares, Plaza San Martin is a pocket of greenery sandwiched between the central Retiro train and bus station and the ...  Meer info

El Viejo Almacen

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One of Buenos Aires’ biggest draws for visitors is the chance to see a live tango show. And while there are tango performances on the street (for example, on ...  Meer info

Parque Tres de Febrero

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Most people come to Palermo to enjoy the urban sights that Buenos Aires has to offer. There are several different sections, from mainstream to bohemian and ...  Meer info

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

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Art lovers will find plenty to marvel over at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Argentina’s number one fine-arts museum, located in the Recoleta district. ...  Meer info

Museo Evita

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The Evita Museum (Museo Evita) is devoted to its namesake Eva Perón (affectionately nicknamed ‘Evita’), the subject of the world-famous stage and film ...  Meer info

Colon Theatre (Teatro Colón)

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Since 1908, the Colon Theatre (or Teatro Colón) has set the benchmark for gilded magnificence and the ultimate theater experience. One of the world’s ...  Meer info

San Isidro Cathedral

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Presiding over the historic town of San Isidro in the northeastern region of Buenos Aires Province, the San Isidro Labrador Cathedral is the crown jewel of ...  Meer info

El Querandi

Red wine and red-hot tango are two of Argentina’s top exports and few places do both as well as El Querandi, one of the most famous tango venues in Buenos ...  Meer info

Floralis Generica

The dramatic centerpiece of the Plaza de las Naciones Unidas, the Floralis Generica is a giant 18-ton aluminum flower sculpture that has become one of Buenos ...  Meer info

Galileo Galilei Planetarium

The neighborhood of Palermo is not just fashion and shopping and tony places to drink wine. It is also home to the ñeafu park 3 de Febrero, and inside, ...  Meer info