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Keelung Harbor

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Keelung Harbor is located at the northern tip of Taiwan, between Fugui Cape and Cape Bitou. Surrounded by mountains on almost all sides, with just a narrow waterway extending from within, this port is a scenic spot that serves both military and commercial vessels. It’s also a popular attraction for those visiting Taipei, with impressive harbor views unfolding from the moment one steps off the train at Keelung Station.

The history of the harbor dates back to its opening in 1886. In the Japanese colonial period, the Governor-General of Taiwan began plans for its expansion, and by the mid-1900s it was the largest port in Taiwan. Today, Keelung Harbor is a major importing hub for Taipei and is also a large fishing port, with the Keelung Bisha Harbor attracting many tourists to the area. Here, over twenty seafood restaurants offer an array of fresh seafood dishes at extremely affordable prices.

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