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St Petersburg

Catherine Palace and Park

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Catherine Palace (Екатеринский дворец) is one of Russia’s former imperial palaces and summer residence to its tsar’s built on the orders of Catherine I. Now a museum, the baroque style palace has a ...  Meer info

State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace

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The State Hermitage (Государственный Эрмитаж) is one of the largest and oldest art and cultural museums in the world. The museum was originally built privately under the orders of Catherine the ...  Meer info

St Petersburg Cruise Port

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St Petersburg was founded by Peter the Great in the 1700s to serve as a window to the west. With its imperial history and magnificent architecture, it is often considered one of the most beautiful ...  Meer info

Peterhof Palace and Garden (Petrodvorets)

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Petrhof (Петерго́ф) or “Peter’s yard” is considered the fountain capital of the world and is in the eyes of any visitor, an absolute gem of environs in St. Petersburg. Consisting of 64 fountains, ...  Meer info


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De Admiraliteit is een van de oudste gebouwen van Sint-Petersburg. Het werd gebouwd door Peter de Grote en deed in eerste instantie dienst als scheepswerf. Hier huisde ooit het Admiraliteitsbestuur, ...  Meer info