Timothy Hill

For a gorgeous view of the island of St Kitts, take a day while vacationing on the Caribbean isle to head up to the top of Timothy Hill. A popular lookout spot located a short distance from Frigate Beach, Timothy Hill provides a view of the sparkling Atlantic Ocean where it meets the Caribbean Sea. Within the two bodies of water you’ll see lush, green foliage and the gently sloping hills of the southeast peninsula of St Kitts from your vantage point above. You’ll even be able to see the neighboring island of Nevis in the distance.

Practical Info

The easiest way to get to the top of Timothy Hill is to take an escorted excursion there. You’ll have a driver who will be taking you up to the top so you can just enjoy looking out the windows without having to worry about driving and navigating the roads. Excursions that take you to Timothy Hill for a photo op also often visit other popular St Kitts sites, such as Clay Villa, Caribelle Batik, Bloody Point and historic sites in the island’s capital of Basseterre like Independence Square. 
Adres: St George Basseterre Parish, St Kitts and Nevis, St Kitts - Nevis
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