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Diocletian's Palace

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This palace right in the heart of Split, was used by Roman Emperor Diocletian and is one of the best preserved monuments of Roman architecture in the world. In 1979, it was declared -- with the ...  Meer info

Peristil Square

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Peristil Square is Split's main square, the former entry hall in Diocletian's Palace. It is derived from a Roman architectural term called the peristyle, an open colonnade surrounding a court.  ...  Meer info

Cetina River

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The Cetina River flows through 63 miles (101 km) of southern Croatia and drops down 1,260 feet (385 m) as it rushes down into the Adriatic Sea near Split. Over the centuries rapids have formed on ...  Meer info


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A short walking distance from Diocletian's Palace, this hilly peninsula is a recreational park for both locals and visitors. A protected nature reserve since 1964, the park is dotted with pine trees ...  Meer info

Temple of Jupiter

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A few steps away from the Cathedral of St Dominus and St Duje -- at the end of the street Kraj Sveti Ivan -- is a temple dedicated to Jupiter, named after his father. Roman emperors often made ...  Meer info

Cathedral of St Dominus (Cathedral of St Duje)

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This Cathedral has two lives: its first life was as the Cathedral of St. Dominus, the mausoleum dedicated to Diocletian. Diocletian was known for his brutal persecution of Christians after a ...  Meer info


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Trogir is a great day trip from Split, connected by a bridge on the other side of Split’s airport (approximately an hour by water taxi or bus). It is tied to the outlying island Ciovo by a second ...  Meer info

Strand Bene

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Verstopt aan de voet van de heuvel Marjan, iets ten westen van het centrum van Split, ligt het strand Bene. Dit is een rustig alternatief voor de drukke stad. Het is ook een schilderachtige plek met ...  Meer info

Gates of Diocletian's Palace

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There are four different gates or access points to enter Split's historic core, all named after four different metals. The best starting point is the Bronze Gate, which opens outward from the ...  Meer info

Mestrovic Gallery

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A short cab ride from downtown Split, the Mestrovic Gallery is an art museum dedicated to the life and work of 20th-century sculptor, Ivan Meštrović, who has been compared to Rodin. Formerly ...  Meer info