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Capital of the Silla Dynasty for nearly a thousand years, one of Gyeongju’s most impressive remnants from the Silla Kingdom is its otherwordly royal burial grounds that are scattered around Daereungwon Tumuli Park in the historic center. The manicured park contains 23 grassy mounds where Silla royalty were buried over a millennium ago, along with all their earthly treasures.

Cheonmachong tumuli is the only royal burial ground in South Korea that is open to the public. Built in honor of an unknown king from the 5th century, head inside to see some of the 11,000 treasures which were discovered when the mound was excavated in 1974. Cheonmachong is Korean for Heavenly Horse, and the tomb gets its name from the first pre-Silla painting to be found in Korea -- a galloping white horse with wings on its feet, found in Cheonmachong during excavations.

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