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3 Days in Sharm el Sheikh: Suggested Itineraries

Door Viator, April 2015

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Okay, first things first - camel safari! When in Egypt...! Take an unforgettable journey through the desert on camel-back, finishing off with some authentic Bedouin tea. It you want to sample the best of Sharm el Sheikh but you're schedule's looking tight, a private tour might be the way to go. Neatly structured over one day, you'll take a jeep safari, snorkel the Blue Hole, ride a camel, have a Bedouin lunch and go bargain shopping in Dahab.

That's right, it's not all desert out there. If you want to sign up for some sheer glamor, slip on your Jackie Os and take a glass-bottom boat cruise over the coral reefs of the Red Sea at Sharm el Sheikh. Or you could spend the day diving and snorkelling at Ras Mohammed National Park, one of Egypt's most popular dive and snorkeling sites. Or for a mix of island relaxation and lagoon splashing, spend the day at picturesque Tiran Island.

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