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Tillicum Village

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Located in Blake Island State Park, across Puget Sound from Seattle, Tillicum Village is a truly Pacific Northwest Experience. This beautiful spot is essentially a large restaurant and performance hall, which is designed as a traditional Northwest Coast longhouse, complete with totem poles towering out front. A visit here includes a salmon dinner, tribal performances, and more. Upon visiting the Tillicum Village, which is only accessible by boat, you’ll be greeted by villagers dressed in Northwest Coastal Native tribal costume. Outside the longhouse facility, visitors are given a cup of clams and broth. As you enter the longhouse, a cooking display shows whole salmon being cooked on cedar stakes over an alder wood fire in a traditional style of Northwest Coastal Natives. A buffet-style meal includes baked salmon, new red potatoes, warm whole grain bread, wild and long grain rice, and a fresh salad bar.

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Mythe en magie komen tot leven op de Tillicum-excursie naar Blake Island State Park, op 8 mijl van de waterkant van Seattle. Hier heeft u de mogelijkheid om ...  Meer info

  • Locatie: Seattle, Washington
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