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Snoqualmie Falls

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One of Washington state’s most popular attractions, Snoqualmie Falls is a waterfall on the Snoqualmie River. More than one million visitors come every year to watch the spectacular rush of water tumble down 270 feet/82 meters into a pool of deep, blue water. The falls are also known internationally for its appearance in the Twin Peaks television series.

The top of Snoqualmie Falls is a short distance from the parking lot, which has a gift shop, espresso stand, and bathrooms. The main views are from the side of the falls, which also has picnic tables and benches, and a small grassy meadow called the Centennial Green, where weddings are performed through the summer. On the way down to the base of the falls, hikers trek through a temperate rain forest, with a few moss covered trees, giant ferns, and a few resting spots. At the bottom of the trail is the 1910 powerhouse and the river itself.

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