El Limón Waterfall

Whether it’s hiking up the rugged terrain of Dominican Republic’s tallest falls on foot or riding horseback through the steep mountain passes, a trip to the El Limón waterfall is a quintessential Dominican Republic experience. Crested mountaintops stretch some 2,100 feet into the sky, and tropical plants, like coffee and cocoa, line trails that lead to the impressive cascade. And if picturesque Caribbean landscape isn't enough, a crystal-clear natural pool at the foot of the falls offers tired travelers the perfect place to cool off after a hot mountain hike. 

Practical Info

The falls are located about a 35-minute walk from Sendero Arroyo Surdido. Guides are available, but travelers say well-marked trails make the path easy to self-navigate. The park entrance fee is about 50 pesos per person.
Adres: Samana, Dominican Republic, Dominicaanse Republiek
Toegang: 50 pesos
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