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Labna is an excellent site for archaeology lovers and architectural buffs with its Mayan building ruins that were built in the ancient Puuc style. Located in the Yucatan Peninsula by the larger Uxmal ruins, Labna is a compact structure hidden within the Puuc Hills. Though smaller than some of the other Mayan ruin compounds in Mexico, it is impressive nonetheless. Labna was once used as a ceremonial center by the Mayans during the pre-Columbian era.

Labna’s impressive Gateway Arch is still standing today, and visitors can stand under it and walk through it while marveling at its intricate construction. It is believed that this arch was used to signify the start of the area of the ancient village where the priest and the elite people of Labna lived. Relief designs are etched into the side of the arch, providing impressive details that visitors love taking pictures of.

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