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Old Montreal (Vieux-Montréal)

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On the edge of the St Lawrence River, Old Montreal (or Vieux Montréal) is the city’s birthplace with picturesque squares, grand old-world architecture, ...  Meer info

Old Quebec (Vieux Quebec)

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Vieux Québec is the crown jewel of French Canada and if you're coming for the first time, look out - there's simply no other place like it in North ...  Meer info

Mount Royal

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Montréalers are proud of their "mountain," Mount Royal. Though it's more like a large hill in the heart of Montreal, Mount Royal still draws ...  Meer info

Montmorency Falls

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Higher than the Niagara Falls, the impressive Montmorency Falls stand 83 meters (272 feet) tall. The falls form at the mouth of the Montmorency River, where ...  Meer info

Place Royale

Locals bestow Place-Royale as the spiritual and historical heart of Vieux Quebec, for this spot is not only the birthplace of French Civilization in North ...  Meer info

Fortifications of Quebec

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Quebec City resonates with history, and nowhere is it most evident than in the beautifully-preserved Fortifications of Quebec. These restored 17th-century ...  Meer info

Basilique-Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Quebec

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The oldest Christian parish north of Mexico, the Basilique-Cathédrale Notre-Dame-De-Québec has suffered everything from fires to battle damage to ...  Meer info

Quebec City Old Port (Vieux-Port)

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One of the most charming areas of Quebec City, the Old Port (Vieux-Port) was once a bustling commercial hub for European ships bringing supplies and settlers ...  Meer info

Bonsecours Market

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Bonsecours Market, in Vieux Montreal, is a bustling gallery of shops selling arts and crafts, leather goods and garments. The sprawling 19th century ...  Meer info

Upper Town (Haute-Ville)

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Looking out across the St Lawrence River from its clifftop location on Cap Diamant, Quebec City’s Upper Town (Haute-Ville) is part of the UNESCO World ...  Meer info

Lower Town (Basse-Ville)

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Wedged between the St Lawrence River and Cap Diamant, Quebec City’s Lower Town (Basse-Ville) is part of the Vieux Quebec UNESCO World Heritage site. Home to ...  Meer info

Underground City

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Montreal’s Underground City (Montréal Souterrain) is the largest underground complex in the world. A labyrinthine maze of downtown tunnels connecting ...  Meer info

Old Port of Montreal

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The epicenter of the city’s sea trade back in the 17th-century, Montreal’s Old Port lost its role as a trading post in the 1970s, falling temporarily into ...  Meer info

Albert Gilles Copper Art Museum

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Run by the wife and family of the late, great coppersmith, Albert Gilles, the Albert Gilles Copper Art Museum showcases artwork by both Gilles and his family. ...  Meer info

Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Basilica

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Just 18 miles (30 km) outside of Quebec City stands one of the most important pilgrimage sites of Canada and the Catholic word: the ...  Meer info