Quebec City Suggested Itineraries

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Quebec is one of the oldest cities in North America, dating back to the 17th century, and is heavily influenced by European, especially French, culture. The city is divided between the Old Town and the more recently developed area, to the extent where you can get an elevator ride between the two. The city is also surrounded by some remarkable fortifications and some incredible natural beauty.

Day 1: Quebec City Tour
This tour is a great way to get introduced to the historical home of French Canada, taking you through the narrow lanes of Old Quebec. You’ll wind along the St Lawrence River and enjoy numerous historical treasures, such as the Place Royale, the birthplace of French civilization in North America and the Plains of Abraham, where the famous battle between the French and English took place in 1759. You’ll also get to enjoy the fortified city walls, which were declared as a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1985.

Day 2: Quebec from Above
Having spent a day walking the streets of Quebec, why not take to the skies and see it from above? This hot air balloon ride will allow you to marvel at the breathtaking sites around Quebec, as well as the beauty of the city itself. Notable landmarks include the St Lawrence River, the Ile d’Orleans and the Laurentian Mountains. The temperature is the same in the air as it is on the ground.

Day 3: Montmorency Falls Day Trip
This tour takes you to Montmorency Falls, which is higher than Niagara, and to the shrine of Ste Anne de Beaupre. The trip follows the Avenue Royale, which takes you through some more rural and traditional French Canadian villages. The guide will try to re-create the tranquility and simplicity of life in these villages. This tour also takes you to the Albert Gilles Copper Art Museum and Chez Marie's bread oven.
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