Mansa Beach (Playa Mansa)

Mansa Beach, or Playa Mansa, is a popular spot on Uruguay’s Atlantic coast in the southeastern part of the country. Although the area sees a very residential population, the influx of summer tourists definitely keeps the beach booming, where there are two types of coastline: brava (fierce) and mansa (tame). 

Mansa Beach extends from the Chilean Beach up to the Port of Punta del Este. The bay is quiet with very calm waters and thick sand, while the water goes from deep to shallow as you approach Punta del Este Port. At the beach you’ll find a fishing club and a nearby wooden bridge to cross for beautiful views of the bay, Gorriti Island and the peninsula.

Practical Info

All beaches in Punta Este are public, but be wary crossing to Brava beaches if you are traveling with young ones given the risk for high waves. At Mansa Beach, there are spots to buy food and rent watersports equipment, sun chairs and sunshades.
Adres: Punta del Este, Uruguay
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