Macao Beach

Clear blue waters and white sandy beaches make Macao an ideal spot to experience the real Caribbean.  Because it’s public, this beach attracts both far-off travelers and close-to-home locals. Visitors won’t have to worry about aggressive vendors or crowded shores, either, making this an ideal spot for a peaceful morning stroll or an active outdoor afternoon.

Travelers can lounge in the sand, boogie board or learn to surf near Macao Beach’s bigger breakers. And for those who prefer to stay dry on land and keep out of the water, an afternoon horseback ride still offers stunning coastal views and fresh saltwater air, without the hassle of getting wet.

Practical Info

Macao Beach is considered one of Dominican Republic’s most beautiful coastal escapes. Several stands sell cold beers and local snacks along the shore, like fresh-caught fish and lobsters. The beach is located a 20 minute drive from most resorts and accessible by taxi or tour.
Adres: Macao Beach, Macao, Dominicaanse Republiek
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