La Morra

The town of La Morra in Piedmont is in the same wine-producing area as Barolo, although it's far less well known.

La Morra is about 30 miles southeast of Turin, and even borders Barolo and Alba. Like those towns, La Morra has long been heralded for the nebbiolo grapes that cover the hillsides and get turned into expensive wines.

It's a larger town than Barolo, with more than 2,500 residents, so there's more of an historic center to explore. There are also paths that wind out of the center and through the vineyards surrounding the town.

Practical Info

La Morra is easiest to reach from Turin if you have a rental car. You can get there by public transportation – taking a train to Bra and then a bus to La Morra – but it's a much longer journey. If you're already staying in Alba or other towns in the area, there are local buses you can take.
Adres: La Morra, CN, Italy 12064, Italië
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