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Peruvian Amazon

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Covering over half of the country, yet home to a mere 5% of its population, the Peruvian Amazon is Peru’s most precious natural asset, a vast wilderness of ...  Meer info

Machu Picchu

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The holy grail for lovers of Inca monuments, the enigmatic lost city of Machu Picchu is the most famous archaeological site in all of South America. The ...  Meer info


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The swanky beachfront suburb of Miraflores is one of Lima’s most sought-after zip codes. Miraflores is where you’ll find Lima’s best restaurants, shops and ...  Meer info


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Sacsayhuaman is the largest and most impressive of four archaeological ruins on the outskirts of Cusco, Peru. Built by the Incas, it served an important ...  Meer info

Amazon River

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The mighty Amazon River and its enormous, thickly forested basin are the heart of South America, the lungs of the world and the guardian of one fifth of the ...  Meer info

Puerto Maldonado

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For many adventure travellers to South America, Peru serves as the gateway to the vast Amazon rainforest. Sitting within the Amazon just west of the border ...  Meer info

Jiron de la Union

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Downtown Lima’s most lively and colorful street is pedestrianized Jiron de la Union. Lined with boutiques and stores for window-shopping, restaurants and ...  Meer info

Indian Market (Mercado Indio)

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Avenida Petit Thouars in Miraflores is lined with numerous handicraft shops, and the Indian Market (Mercado Indio) is one of the biggest and best. If you’re ...  Meer info


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Puno’s most enigmatic attraction lies 35km (21mi) from the port city, overlooking Lake Umayo with dignified mystery. Tours are easily arranged; consider ...  Meer info

Aguas Calientes

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If you're visiting Machu Picchu while you're in Peru - and why wouldn’t you? – there's a very good chance you'll pass through the small pueblo of Aguas ...  Meer info

Lima Plaza de Armas (Plaza Mayor)

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Lima’s Plaza Mayor (main square) is central Plaza de Armas, the city’s historic heart and birthplace. Landscaped with palm trees, elaborate lampposts, ...  Meer info

Iglesia de Santo Domingo

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The pepper-pot belfry of Santo Domingo, one of Lima’s most historic churches, makes a rococo statement on Lima’s skyline. The interior has a neoclassical ...  Meer info

Sacred Valley of the Incas

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The Sacred Valley was the agricultural food bowl of the Inca, a fertile plain perfect for growing the Inca staples, maize and potatoes. At the heart of the ...  Meer info

Pachacamac Itshma Temple

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The closest archaeological site to Lima is Pachacamac, a pre-Inca collection of sand-blasted pyramid temples and palaces spanning 1,500 years. Over the ...  Meer info

Iglesia and Museo de San Francisco

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The Iglesia and Museo de San Francisco is a spectacular example of Moorish-inspired Spanish baroque colonial grandeur, but the real highlight is the spooky ...  Meer info