Wassi Art Studio

Jamaica is home to a huge array of local artists, sculptors and craftsmen who produce unique, intricate artwork and pottery. Those who come to the island to explore its deep well of culture often find that a trip to the Wassi Art Studio is just the spot to find what they’re looking for.

A working pottery studio, gallery and store, Wassi (meaning terrific in island dialect) is home to a trove of elaborate works of art created by more than a dozen artists who work tirelessly to create the brightly colored handcrafted vases, teapots, statues, cups and more. The studio offers a free factory tour for visitors to see the artists in action: spinning, drying, painting and baking the clay pieces.

Practical Info

The Wassi Art Studio is located at Great House in Bonham Spring, on the same property as Irie River in southern Ocho Rios. Many of the works created here can be found for sale in stores around the island, and Wassi also has a retail outlet store at Devon House in Kingston.
Adres: Bonham Spring, Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Openingstijden: Daily
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