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Ripley's Believe It or Not! Niagara Falls

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At Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Niagara Falls, you’ll see oddities from around the world, from genuine Amazonian shrunken heads and the world’s rarest egg to a two-headed pig and decorated Tibetan skulls. Established in Clifton Hill in 1964, Ripley’s has 13 themed galleries that are home to over 800 exhibits, curiosities and illusions. In Ripley’s Wacky Explorative Room, there are videos and interactive displays, and if you download Ripley’s phone app you can scan posters around the museum for more information and special surprises. You can take photos throughout the museum, and the world’s tallest man’s Chippendale chair practically begs you to climb in for a picture. The museum is also home to the Niagara Theater, where you’ll get to see and hear tales of the daredevils who have faced the wrath of Niagara Falls throughout history. But the most popular curiosity of all at Ripley’s is the disorienting Kaleidoscope Tunnel.

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