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Finger Lakes

One of New York's premier wine regions and an area of relaxation, hiking and natural beauty, the Finger Lakes serve as an ideal getaway, whether coming for a weekend trip from New York City or making it the focus of a longer vacation. The Finger Lakes region is made up of numerous lakes, villages and towns, with the most popular and central being Skaneateles, home to the crystalline Skaneateles Lake and a walkable village of boutiques, churches and mom-and-pop purveyors. From here it's possible to conveniently explore the rest of the Finger Lakes, as well. Nearby, there are a number of beautiful scenic spots, waterfalls and trails for hiking and photography, such as Glen State Park and Taughannock Falls State Park.

In terms of wine, the region is known for its cool climate vitis vinifera varietals, French American hybrids and native grapes.

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