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Carnegie Hall

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Located at 881 Seventh Avenue in Midtown West, Carnegie Hall is a prestigious concert venue known for being an important cultural institution as well as a space where many notable musicians were able to break out. Opened in 1891, it is the place where Judy Garland made an album that won five Grammys in 1961, Benny Goodman elevated the status of swing music and produced one of history’s greatest-selling jazz albums in 1938, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., gave his last major public address of all time in 1968. Today, Carnegie Hall puts on about 250 high-quality classical and popular music performances each season. The architecture is another draw to the attraction, as it is one of the city’s last large buildings built entirely of masonry without a steel frame. Moreover, its Italian Renaissance design, eclectic international accents, intricate carvings, brick-insulated walls and high-ceilings allow for an elegant space with first-rate acoustics.

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New York Pass met snelle toegang

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Uw avontuur in New York is nu eenvoudiger en goedkoper, geworden, met de sightseeingkaart die toegang biedt tot meer dan 90 dingen om te doen, waaronder de ...  Meer info

  • Locatie: New York City, New York
  • Duur: Varieert
  • Taal: Engels
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The Russian Tea Room Afternoon Tea

The Russian Tea Room is een New York dining-icoon, een glinsterende mijlpaal uit de jaren 1920 New York dat acteurs, schrijvers, politici en zakenmensen blijft ...  Meer info

  • Locatie: New York, New York
  • Duur: 1 tot 2 uur
  • Taal: Engels
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The Russian Tea Room Dinerbeleving

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The Russian Tea Room is een begrip in New York. Deze bijzondere bezienswaardigheid uit de jaren 1920 is nog steeds geliefd bij acteurs, schrijvers, politici en ...  Meer info

  • Locatie: New York City, New York
  • Duur: Flexibel
Van USD 67,65