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There was once a time when the town of Berrima was a bastion of Australian expansion. In the 1830s, when the coastal residents of New South Wales began exploring and populating the hills, Berrima was chosen as a prime site for establishing an inland town. Time, however, would be cruel to Berrima, and when the railroad line ended up bypassing town, over a century passed without a single new building being constructed anywhere in town. Berrima, it seemed, had been left to die—and that’s what makes it so fascinating today.

Located halfway between the cities of Sydney and Canberra, modern-day Berrima has become such a time capsule that it is laden with small town charm. The sandstone buildings are Australia’s best-preserved example of historic Georgian architecture, and the original courthouse and Berrima Gaol are two of the town’s main attractions.

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