Nevisian Heritage Village at Fothergills Estate

The Nevisian Heritage Village is a Ministry of Tourism project that recreates the islands history through the various forms of housing that have existed on the island over the years, from native Carib-style thatched-roof huts to wattle-and-daub slave quarters and a post-emancipation gingerbread chattel house.

The houses from each era include artifacts from the period—including genuine relics like the weapons and calabash bowls of the Carib chief’s hut—along with traditional backyard gardens planted with indigenous plants and herbal medicines. The Heritage Village sits within the Fothergills Estate, a former sugar plantation and cotton-ginning station among the lush rain forest at the foot of Nevis Peak. 

Practical Info

The Fothergills Nevisian Heritage Village can be found at the Fothergills Estate on the eastern side of the island, about 15 minutes from Charlestown. Opening hours are from Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Cost is $3. 
Adres: Gingerland, Nevis, St Kitts - Nevis
Toegang: Varies
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